Sydney Fest and Australia Day

Hello Guys,

So, we’re quite sick at the Guinness-Bollmer house this weekend – I’ve been bleeding on dermatologists and recovering from a pretty bad lower back injury (a freak injury involving poorly timed combos of pigeon pose and weightlifting squats), and Grant currently has a thoroughly dreadful case of food poisoning/stomach bug thing going on – so in between sleeping and complaining to one another, I’m going to catch you up on the fun stuff we have been able to fit in.  First of all – Grant has finished his book and sent it off! Now it is up to the publisher to decide if they want it, which of course they will because he/it is brilliant.  Other than that, we went jumping (pre back injury, luckily) on a giant inflatable stonehenge.

photo 4441

photo 15555

photo 24

phototrf 3

photo 33344562

photo 7894323

photobggfd 4

photohhh 1

photogff 2

It was clearly a whole lot of fun.  And why was there an inflatable bouncy-stonehenge in the middle of Sydney? It was an art installation called “Sacrilege” that was part of the Summer Sydney Fest.  Sydney Fest consists of lots of food, music, and all around taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather.  The best food by far was the Messina (a wonderful gelato company here in Sydney) carnival stand.  They had sundaes, and lots of fair foods dressed up to involve gelato.  Such as …..

photo 552

In case you can’t read that, the messinawiener is “a baton of maple syrup gelato coated in pancake batter, deep fried and crispy – dipped in plum sauce” and it was delicious.  I’ve had my fair share (get it?, ha!) of American state fair fried food, but I can’t say that I’ve had deep fried gelato before.  We also had their “So Wrong, It’s Right” sundae which had caramel cheesecake gelato, duck fat caramel, crushed potato chips, and bacon marshmallows.  I KNOW, right?

photorf34 5

Then we walked towards the harbour to see some weird architectural art piece that turned out to be a building facade on the ground with a mirror above it.  A lot of fun for kids though:

photo 499

photo 65

And then we walked back to Hyde park to see one of my favorite sculptures in Sydney:

photogggg 2

Then on Sunday it was Australia day – which is a highly problematic holiday (due to its nature of celebrating when Australia was “discovered” – think the controversy surrounding Columbus day a bit) and is often referred to as “invasion day”.  From what I can tell it is celebrated with fireworks, giant inflatable flip-flops, and drinking and barbecues.  I will use any excuse to bake, so politics aside, I decided to embrace my new residence and made the most Australian dessert I could think of (NO, not a pavlova, those are from New Zealand).  I made a milo flavored cheesecake with a chocolate crackle crust.

photo 56700001

Chocolate crackle (from what I have discerned) is the Australian version of rice krispie treats – instead of marshmallows you mix rice cereal with chocolate and coconut.  And then milo, milo (I think) is a delicious malted barley chocolate drink, like Ovaltine, but the Americans in this video seem to disagree with me:

(if you watch that all the way through – note how the last guy uses delicious Tim Tams to wash the taste of vegemite away)

After that we went along with some friends to the art gallery’s celebration of their new exhibition on ……

photo 662

America! (American painting to be exact – and yes Dad, there was some Thomas Hart Benton, and yes mom, there was Eakin and Whistler!) The night was really fun – they had a voice coach teaching people how to “speak like an american”, a pop up american bar and restaurant that gave you the choice of Budweiser or Heineken (America!?), and some bluegrass musicians, and a spoken word / instrumental / foley artist reading of “Last of the Mohicans”.

photo 55313

photo 3 copy

photo 364

photo 2 copy

The next day Grant turned in his book, so we celebrated by going to our favorite local bar, Kingston Public, to get a bottle of their finest “hippie wine” (they categorize their wines by Red, White, Sparkling, Orange (yes, I know! and I really want to try it!) and Hippie – basically just meaning biodynamic and unfiltered, which Grant and I are realizing is our favorite kind most of the time.) We also got some delicious food:

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Other than that, the cockatoos have been out and about in droves and making so much noise:

photo67 3

And the weather has been beautiful!

photo 1 copy


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  1. Katherine, I love your blogs that keep me up to date on your adventures! I hope you and Grant soon feel better! It is no fun to be sick so far from family! Photos are lovely–you let me feel like I am wandering behind you. Congratulations to Grant for finishing and sending his book off for publication! You are both so talented!! Love, Aunt Mollie

  2. Awesome blog!

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