One Night in Enmore makes a dog-gy ….. something.

Hey guys so guess where I am right now?

No, I’m not starring in an off Kings-Street production of the musical “Chess”, I’m in Bangkok!  To be more specific, I’m sitting in my hotel room waiting for my travel buddies to wake up from a late night of karaoke-ing.  So while there will be a lovely blog post on my exciting trip, for now I’m going to play catch up with some stuff Grant and I have been up to in Sydney.


Grant in his office – we’re really settling in to work and such, and even though it makes me feel like I’m betraying my former New Zealand home, I have only just now gotten around to making a pavlova (there is a bit of a fight over who invented this dessert, Australians or New Zealanders).


(Food photography is not my forte, but you get the idea).  And here is a cross-section of some of the park-bird wildlife:


Last weekend we went to a dog show which was held  outside of a pub in Enmore (a suburb of Sydney near us).  It was for mutts only, and had prizes for ugliest dog, most disobedient dog, and randiest dog (among others).  They even had a wading pool and bouncy castle for the dogs!




(I recently got a photo editing app and I can’t help but overuse it, thus all the doodley-texty-filtery photos throughout).

Here are some dogs pics for Patrick and Stephanie (a bull terrier, which Grant and I just refer to now as “dodger-dogs”)



There was an obstacle course that none of the dogs seemed too eager to complete:


This bulldog made a valiant effort, but eventually needed some assistance:



All of the dogs were really well behaved, and it was an excellent day.  There was even a photo-booth for the dogs:


 So I think I hear my travel companions stirring, that’s it for now – but much, much more Sydney/Bangkok stuff to come!


~ by gakather on October 13, 2013.

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