Playing Catch Up, Typical Days (Bondi Beach and Bagels!)

Hey guys, so Grant and I have now officially hit the two-plus month mark of living in Sydney.  We have a few favorite places, are hitting our stride with classes, and Grant has even been interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ton of time for blogging.

So here is some catch up:  about two months ago some friends from Wellington came over to Sydney and so we decided to use their visit as an excuse to visit Bondi Beach and a brunch place we wanted to try out, “Lox Stock and Barrel”.  (It was so good to see you Emma and Jared!) The restaurant was wonderful, and had really, really good bagels – which I was thrilled about.  This is a sight that makes my NJ heart happy:


Also making me (but most definitely not my heart) happy was this delicious Reuben-bagel sandwich:


And the beach! I still live (relatively) close to the beach! Here is Bondi:


And a token instagram shot:

And a gorgeous pool sort of built into the ocean:


For some more recent happenings, I saw a koala on campus yesterday:


And today Grant and I went to the park so that I could do grading somewhere other than the kitchen table.  (I have weekly architectural sketches and essays to grade, plus this week the Digital Art’s class had a midterm paper due, AND the architecture class had a big exam – so LOTS and LOTS of grading to be done this week.)  We stopped off at our new favorite place –  Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher.  They have great sandwiches, vegan baked goods (their soy linseed loaf is so good Grant and I have had it for dinner the past three nights (with salads, we’re not just gnawing on chunks of bread over here!), and lots of vegetarian sausages, burgers, and mince as well as seitan and tempeh products.  And the barista there can manage to make a mean flat white out of almond milk (she’s magic).


Grant got a vegan cheese, pesto, and tomato sandwich:


And I got my favorite, a vegetarian BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato).


The park was lovely, as it always is:


Then we went to campus (University of Sydney’s) to check out a book sale.  Here are some photos of where we work:





There you go – I’ll try to play catch up more often!  And as far as travel plans go – I’m going to Thailand next month for my awesome Buddy’s 30th birthday, and then Grant and I will be back in the states sometime in November. YAY!

Oh wait – some more quick updates – A BIG GIANT congratulations to my brother Patrick and my future-sister-in-law Stephanie for getting engaged recently:



And happy first birthday to my adorable nephew Elliot!



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One Response to “Playing Catch Up, Typical Days (Bondi Beach and Bagels!)”

  1. Katherine, love the pictures you shared. Looks like you are having a fabulous time in Sydney. I know your mom will be excited about your November visit. Your pictures remind me of 2000 visit to Sydney–such a neat place.

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