Christmas Break Recap, Part 1: The Cat’s Out of the Bag Now, So……



Yep, as I’m sure most of you know by now, come this July Grant and I will be living in Sydney, Australia.  Wellington was an excellent home, but brilliant husband got a very impressive job at the University of Sydney.  While I’m excited to live in a bigger city again, be close to SO MANY beaches, and have slightly better odds at getting a job, I’m going to miss all the amazing people we’ve met here – like, a lot. More than a lot, actually, but I don’t want to talk about it right now.  Happy blog thoughts! SO, with this news it seems appropriate to begin my Christmas holiday recapping with our first travel stop on the way back to America: Sydney!  (we had a long layover and decided to explore).


True story: I was so enamored with Sydney that I told Grant I could live there pretty happily, and he said “oh there is a job posting here I could apply to” and then he applied to it on a (my) whim.  And now we’re moving to Australia.

But first, this was the sight we were greeted by very (so. very.) early in the morning on the first day of our trip (at the Wellington airport):


My sleep deprived mind was frightened, then confused, then Hobbit-fatigued, then scared and confused again.  I got some coffee, I thought of fish in the percolator.  (I also, while blogging on the floor of the airport had a strange premonition that I should email all of my dissertation stuff to myself….. which I ignored …. but we all know what happened there).

Anyway, Sydney! First of all, the Opera House (which, having been an American art history student, was VERY built up in my mind) was sort of …… meh in person.

But the harbor around it was lovely. Grant has the great instinct to always want to go see the botanical garden of whatever city he visits, so thats where we went.  The gardens were lovely, but my main takeaway was an obsession with these birds:
The white australian Ibis – I am going to catch one for a pet when I move to Sydney.
Here are some pictures:
Lovely garden steps.
Some historical lessons.
Some botanical/ pun lessons.
(The contemporary art museum seems awesome)
Oh, and while we were there Grant tried macorons for the first time:
Cool birds, beaches, baguettes, macarons, wine – a girl could get used to this city.

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3 Responses to “Christmas Break Recap, Part 1: The Cat’s Out of the Bag Now, So……”

  1. So, a mushroom goes into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender looked at the mushroom and replied, “We don’t serve your kind. You’ll need to leave.”
    “Why’s that,” asked the mushroom? “I’m a fungi.”

  2. How exciting for you both!

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