Hey guys! While my hometown of Elsberry, Missouri is going through yet another snowstorm (slash pink bunny attack):



I have been spending a sunny week in New Zealand celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, having picnics, and going to cricket matches.  (I do miss snow a lot, just not……. the cold.)

For St. Patrick’s day I did not wear green or drink in excess, (although Grant had three Guinness’s):


Ha. Ha. Ha.

I did, however do something much more meaningful – I mastered my Aunt Ginny’s Irish soda bread. I did not, however, master the corned beef and cabbage (mainly because I see that meal as nothing more than a delivery device for horseradish, and the horseradish I bought had NO BITE AT ALL! It was beyond tragic – I need a horseradish that burns my nostrils, NZ!)

Anyway, this week was the last cricket match for awhile, so I made some sandwiches and forced Grant to go watch it with me:


Grant approved of the sandwich:


But was not super into the cricket itself


There were even some non-threatening school kids (I definitely don’t miss the horrifying intimidating school children that roamed Manchester) – they always made me feel like this:

Anyway, plus of NZ: school children aren’t terrifying! (I think the shorts have something to do with it)


The match was great fun, the only downside being I came very close to being conked in the head by a cricket ball.  Also we went to trivia at Mighty Mighty, which is tied for the absolute best trivia nights I’ve been to (well, maybe placed 1.5 – Hell trivia is very hard to beat, even if it no longer exists).


Someone near us won some glasses:


I believe the exact words muttered before this picture was taken were “oh, gonna end up on facebook (grumble, eyeroll)” Sorry, Geoff:


Have a nice week snowy Midwesterners, maybe someday it will be Spring, because then……..


~ by gakather on March 25, 2013.

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