Birthday, Birthday

Quite a lot of things were born around this time of year (or, more specifically, March 11th).  Things like…….


My brother Benton …….


My thesis (!) …. (thanks midwife Wendy) … and

Me! (Benton and I were born on the same day, a fact I was not too happy about at first – note the forced smirk and “I want to be far away from him” body language – DO NOT note the fading perm and ….. whatever in the world that is I’m wearing).

Benton did point out that, by moving to New Zealand, I technically now get part of the day all to myself (as does he) (I whine about it, but at least I had a good eight years to myself, he’s been sharing his whole life).

He DID always blow out the candles first though…………

Oh! and my adorable nephew Elliot is celebrating six months of being alive – I still cannot believe how fast babies grow!


So, I had a good birthday – one of the first in a long time I got to spend with Grant, he started it off right by baking (for the very first time ever! I had to explain what a pastry cutter was, and that one cannot cream cream cheese with a whisk) a very complicated recipe necessitating two days worth of prep of lemon cream cheese swirly buns! (not sure what really to call them? citrus cinnamon buns with no cinnamon? Citrus cinnamon buns with cream cheese? Whatever, I just refer to them henceforth as “katherine crack” – I couldn’t stop eating them, and Grant made a whole extra batch which are sitting in the freezer – I hear them calling to me at night: “coook us, eaaaaat us” – I’m getting pretty concerned that Grant is going to walk into the kitchen one morning with me rolling around on the floor chomping on frozen buns and covered head to toe in powdered sugar glaze – just cackling and crying and ashamed, yet victorious.



So. Good.

Then we wandered Wellington (because we’re cool and into alliteration like that) I shared a b-day beer with some seagulls


And then we went to a very good Mexican restaurant and Grant took my picture without me realizing it a lot




The best part of the meal was the tequila flights



The food was great too (grant had some sort of thing with goat and excellent mole, and I had carnitas tacos)



And then, I somehow got grant to go see this with me:

Don’t Judge! I did just turn in a dissertation after all, and who can pass up Jeremy Irons rocking one amazing silk paisley outfit after another?  He even rocks male housecoats! MOUSECOATS!   Anyway, Grant deemed it ‘not as bad as I thought it would be’, and for inexplicable reasons it will be added to my list of movies I can watch infinitely (also included: Party Monster, the Holiday, and Frida).  (Hey, not saying they’re “good” movies, just movies, that for whatever reason, I will never tire of watching.)

Then we went home and watched the cartoon show “Adventure Time” – I had never seen it, and there is a guy at my gym with a full leg of adventure time tattoos, so I was intrigued.  Verdict: I like it!


~ by gakather on March 14, 2013.

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