My (not so) Big Backyard

So on my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30 I included learning how to garden/doing something vague with gardening.  I’m happy to say that I’ve made a start of it.  Grant and I went down to Bunnings and got some pots and dirt and seeds and then got to work (well, Grant mainly sticks to pulling weeds and carrying bags of dirt and caring for our orchid – most of this gardening stuff is all me.)

The backyard is more of a concrete porchy area, so there wasn’t much space.  There is a little raised area that was full of weeds, so I planted some wildflower seeds.  Here they are starting to pop up:


and then starting to grow a bit more


and more!


But really that just involved throwing some seeds on some dirt.  So I also grew some radishes:



I sort of forgot that 1 radish seed = 1 radish, so we didn’t get many radishes. What we do have lots of now is herbs. After starting them off from seeds to seedlings in our house, I sadly let them spread their little roots and fly away (to a pot of dirt outside, so not too trying, all considered).  Here they are as baby dill, cilantro, and basil:


And then they got bigger (although the basil isn’t really providing me enough for pesto as of yet – any tips on getting them to be bigger and bushier?)



oh. and then there is the mint.  The mint wasn’t from seeds, but was from a pot bought at the supermarket.  We left it in the pot and it promptly wilted away to nothing, so I threw it into a basket with the radishes:


It’s to the left of all the radishes, looking sad and small.  But then……..


It EXPLODED.  And it strangled the remaining radishes.  I threw some already dying parsley in next to it, making it  a very sad, very slow going cage match.  (Although I’m happy to report the parsley is still kicking.)


Although from above you can’t see the parsley, so that can’t be good for it in terms of getting sunlight.  And keep in mind, these mint pictures were taken after I clipped a bunch (about 5 cups worth) to make tea and a salad.

In terms of backyard things I had absolutely nothing to do with, we have a gorgeous nasturtium plant (that’s our compost bin to the left)




And roses:



and whatever this plant is (lavender maybe?)


My attempts to grow an avocado tree are failing quite miserably – I had a row of about eight avocado pits on our windowsill, but then threw them all out (except one).  I must have scared that last one because it has actually started to sprout, and I should be able to put it in some dirt soon.


She killed my friends! I’m so scared, and so alone!”

In other news, we got our current issue of Cuisine magazine – this is what an NZ christmas should look like, I suppose:


I love the beach and all, but this makes me feel a bit Kevin McCallister-ish.
You know, in the sense that his family was going to Florida for Christmas and he NEEDED some snow and winter-time settings for his festivities.  (Not so much in the sense of being constantly and humorously chased around by two bad guys – unless those bad guys are the prospect of finishing a PhD and the prospect of getting a job – then I am EXACTLY like Kevin McCallister.)  Anyway, beach christmas? No thank you!  Luckily, Grant and I are headed stateside for Christmas. YAY YAY YAY too many yays to even express here!

~ by gakather on December 8, 2012.

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