Road Trip

Hey guys, so yesterday Grant and I and our friend Geoff took a road trip out of Wellington.  We drove up towards Wairarapa, and  in spite of chest colds and car sickness, a good time was had by all.

The road we drove on was, for quite awhile, crazy twisty – I was trying to be a good little academic and had brought some chapter drafts to edit during the ride, but nope – that didn’t happen.  For the first time in my entire life I experienced car sickness, wah wah (hey Benton, now I feel your pain).  But that passed just in time to experience the majestic, the mysterious, the not a replica of the actual one, Stonehenge Aotearoa.  BEHOLD:

So, this stonehenge (which is not a replica of the one in England, we were told) is astrologically (?) correct, and rooted in a combination of druidic, maori, and wiccan beliefs (and not, like the one in England, just a cover for the Pandorica.)


Here is a representation of mother earth’s hand coming out of the ground:



and here is Grant high-fiving mother earth:


After that, we spotted a beautiful old abandoned house – and hopped a fence to take a look.

and boy, was it worth it
And then I made Grant reenact Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”.  He didn’t lie down, however, because he was afraid of bees and tall grass.
After that, we headed off to see the lighthouse at Castlepoint, which meant THE OCEAN!
most of the other photos got instagrammed by Grant, so they’re not entirely accurate, but still show off the gorgeousness of the area:
And to cap off a wonderful trip, we saw a creepy Virgin Mary (the poor gal had seen better days)

~ by gakather on November 18, 2012.

One Response to “Road Trip”

  1. So beautiful! And so much more impressive than the concrete interpretive center (though it made me think of that for some reason).

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