Halloween (or a lack thereof) and Bean Curd Corndogs!

Hey there guys! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween and is staying safe during the hurricane Sandy aftermath. (Especially you, Strathmere – keep on swimming little pigs in blankets!)  As far as the Halloween part, well, I’ve discovered that folks in NZ (at least here in Wellington) really don’t celebrate it at all.  No trick or treating – not even any commercial sales pushing! No pumpkin shaped snickers or peanut butter cups! No seasonally colored candy wrappers!  No pumpkin-spice ANYTHING! On the plus side, one of my favourite stores here, Iko Iko did have a pretty great Halloween display.


To celebrate Halloween Grant and I just made some chicken liver crostini (somewhat appropriately ghoulish to eat offal, no?) and rice krispie treats (just because hey, I LOVE RICE KRISPIE TREATS) (and I’ve gotten hooked on the smitten kitchen version of them that involves brown butter – AMAZING! (here’s the recipe).  Oh my goodness, now I really, really want a rice krispie treat! Alas, I am currently cutting out sugar from my diet – which is, I’ve decided just now in the throes of rice krispie treat lust, a stupid idea. ANYWAY we ate those things and watched The Witches (based on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name).  It stars Anjelica Huston as the Grand High Witch –  the role she was born to play!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I was a bit sad that nothing much was done for it here, but then, on the 31st this arrived on my doorstep:


(for the record I didn’t change my name and am still very much Katherine Guinness – but I still get a kick out of seeing the little reminder that “hey! I’m married! how freaking grown up and such!”) Anyway, a package from my Aunt Connie arrived – and it was full of Halloween goodies!


Aren’t the stickers (especially the googly eyed spider) adorable? There was also a very cute skeleton cat:


some festive salt and pepper shakers:


and candles (which will bring a nice little bit of fall into our house – I miss fall!)

and of course some candy and snacks (including Utz pretzels)


Grant got a tshirt:


why yes, those ARE Doctor Who sticky notes!


I traded Grant ALL the candy for the notes (an upside to the no sugar I guess?)

Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, bean curd corndogs.  Well, they weren’t technically corndogs, but they looked like them.  Grant took me to a teeny tiny vegetarian restaurant called Aunty Meena’s and it was really fun, even though the place looked sketchy:

well, not so much sketchy as small. Very small.  (the area at the front is the kitchen itself!) But the food was good, and cheap for Wellington. Which brings me to the corndogs – I think they were actually called bean curd drumsticks – but all that matters that they were awesome. (Deep fried and on a stick, what’s not to love?)
they also had very good laksa:
After dinner we visited Japan City (another favorite store because even though it does have lots of cutesy/weird novelties it is also the place I go when I need to buy practical things like pushpins, tupperware, and lint shavers and have no idea where to get it.  Kind of like a weird Target that plays nothing but K-pop. On this particular trip we found watermelon seeds
and some untrue cake
So yes, a good week in the end.  Sorry there haven’t been more vast mountaintop views and whatnot, but as usual I’m freaking out about finishing up my dissertation.  But freaking out in a happy way now that my number one choice for the Viva external has been confirmed!



~ by gakather on November 3, 2012.

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