WOAP Late Round Up

Grant and I are about to depart on two exciting adventures – so I need to quickly finish up the stray pieces of the Wellington On A Plate activities we had.  (Adventure number one: an awesome trip to the South Island of New Zealand starting tomorrow morning – and adventure number two: BEING AN AUNT AND AN UNCLE!!!!) Grant’s sister Erin had an 8lb 5oz baby (people always say the weight, why is that so important?) boy named ….. well, we don’t know yet.  Right now you can refer to my nephew as “Buster”.  Congratulations Erin and Kyle!

(and on catching-up news, I had my final panel (over the phone, with just my advisor) and it went really well – I was deemed worthy of having my first choice external reader (seeing if she can do it now, but I don’t want to jinx anything) – and I have a submission date! It is so wonderful to have an exact date that, for better or worse, this whole dang dissertation will be completely cleaned up and finished!) (January 20th, btw).  If all goes to plan I will have my PhD before 29, (one year past my ideal, but one year earlier than my life-plan deadline).

SO – Wellington on a plate – believe it or not it’s hard to fit in a bunch of whiskey breakfasts, three to four course dinners, and burger competitions in just over a week – so we ended up copping out on quite a few activities, but here is what we did:


No, we did not go to a museum! We went to a burger eating contest – well, not a contest in a competitive eating way, but one that dozens of restaurants around Wellington participayed in to be crowned “best burger”.  The photo above was taken at Duke Carvell, which had (in Grant and I’s opinion) the very, very best burger (sadly it did not make the top five overall).  This burger was called the “tongue in cheek”.



The cut open shot is very important! Otherwise all burgers pretty much look the same. So, this burger was a beef tongue and beef cheek patty with beef tongue bacon (SUCH a good idea!) with spicy tomato chutney and rocket.  It was perfect – not too weird or overloaded with toppings.  Sadly, the same could not be said for the other burger we tried (yes, only two- you try eating burgers all day long in between beer tastings!) (More Katherine woes: “oh poor me, there are just TOO MANY burgers to eat! How will I eat all the buuuurrrgeeeeeers??!?!”) Anyway, the next burger was pretty good, but had way too much going on – it was from another favorite Wellington place of mine – the Hop Garden, and was called “the Casablanca kid”:


Unassuming right? But wait – the critical cut apart shot!:


aaaah! so much couscous! (Too much couscous).  On the plus side: this was made of goat, and I had never had goat (new taste experiences with WOAP, remember?) and I like goat! Downside, with the couscous and the aubergines and the harissa sauce and the tomatoes it was all a bit too much.  Anyway, Hop Garden has amazing chips, so that was nice. Also we got to watch some prep work being done over at the restaurant side of hop garden, we even made a friend!:

I think Grant and I’s favorite WOAP thing was the oyster truck.


Just a simple little food truck that only served oysters (and wine, I mean we are in New Zealand after all).  In fact, because it was busy, they had a guy that would bring you wine while you waited in line -very nice.  It was packed, and you have to feel a little bad for the poor hands of the oyster shuckers – that has to hurt after awhile.


Here are our oysters (yes, we got two of them fried, don’t judge)


They were the biggest oysters I’ve ever seen (as big as eggs, as you can see from the clever packaging the truck employed). AND they were the first oysters I’ve ever eaten. Verdict: I love them and am luckily not allergic to them.

NOW -on to adventures!

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