Happy (New Zealand) Father’s Day!

me and my daddy

So, yesterday was father’s day here in New Zealand (mother’s day is the same as in the US, although in England it’s on a different day that I can’t remember and am too lazy to look up at this moment).  I’m  celebrating this auspicious occasion a day late for the same reason that these posts haven’t been quite as frequent or well done as I’d like – because I am finishing a dissertation(thesis) (what country am I in again? What do they call that thing that has ruled my life for the past three years here?! thesis.) Anyway, my PhD project.  There, we’ll call it that, shall we? You don’t care, do you? No, probably not; I can just imagine all of your heads shaking right now.  ANYWAY – I have my final panel next week (so the work is due in two days) and that panel decides when and even IF I do my viva (defense) and who is going to be my external (the person who decides if I get to be a doctor). (fingerscrossedfingerscrossedGriselda Pollockfingerscrossed).  Needless to say, I care a lot about this one.  Perhaps too much, I spent the time Grant and I had at a bar a few weeks ago to work and  that devolved into me using a hamburger to prove my points (I was probably really hungry you guys):

is the virgule a hamburger? YES IT IS.

BUT this is not a “lets hear all about Katherine’s privileged grad student problems” (“waah, I have enough time to make 200 wedding flags and watch Homeland all day while eating cakes cooked for me, and can forget about my work for MONTHS AT A TIME- wah wah pity me”) post – it is a FATHER’S DAY POST! YAY DADS!

This is my dad.  He does nice things for me – like playing draw something, and letting me steal all of his records (and having great records TO steal), and wearing seersucker and a bow tie to my wedding because I asked him to (and because bow ties are cool)

oh yeah, and paid for the wedding

So, what does one do for a dad on New Zealand Father’s day (NZFD)?  Well, fathersdaycelebration.com tells us that:

“Children in New Zealand take advantage of Fathers Day to pamper daddy with handmade cards, flowers and chocolates. Spending time with father by indulging in joyful activities is another popular way of expressing love and affection for papa on Fathers Day in New Zealand. ”

BORING! Why not …….



make a bunch of sausage! or….





buy your dad a dad coke! “What is a dad coke?”, you may ask- well, it isn’t that exciting:




Basically just a bottle  of coke that says “dad” on it. Sheesh. You may as well just TALK to your dad or something, but what about?


RUGBY, DUH! (yes, in this poll of what to talk to your dad about fro NZFD rugby beats out even ‘mum’ and ‘the weather’
and not to forget – this NZFD I get to say two “happy father’s day”s because I am now a married lady with a father-in-law!
Happy Father’s Day!

~ by gakather on September 3, 2012.

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