Artsy Fartsy Update and Some Lil’ Ol’ Life Goals

Hello again guys – I am currently in the middle of two weeks of heaven known as Wellington on a Plate. It. Is. Awesome. Basically the city of Wellington, and the unbelievable number of restaurants here (seriously, I wonder how they all stay in business in such a relatively small city) put on the most special of food trucks, degustation (tasting) and prix fix menus, as well as the big Wellington on a Burger competition, and all sorts of awesome food related things.  Tonight I went to the traveling oyster bar and had oysters for the first time ever (sweet as!)*. Anyway, for now – the City Gallery put up an “official” video take on the concert I went to – so here it is: (you can see Grant and I at about 40 second mark to the left of Simon from Fiends (the performer)


In other news, I am contemplating my own mortality …. inevitable aging process wonderful joys of maturing at a reasonable rate! and starting to think about all the various pins and blogs and real-life things (because aren’t those the most important things you guys?) about how to handle this. My friend Wendy (hi Wendy! Happy belated birthday! I hope you get things in the mail soon!)** gave me this helpful article for how to deal with becoming thirty (and as an aside, I still have well over 19 months before I’m thirty – but I want to get a head start on worries). (It’s from McSweeneys, you can see the original article here)



Keep in mind that all adults reach their developmental milestones at their own pace. It is important not to compare your adult’s rate of development to that of his peers. The following list is meant only as a guideline and not as a cause for alarm.

By thirty-years-old, your adult will probably be able to…

Feed and maintain a house pet
Hold down a job
Maintain eye contact while speaking
Refrain from discussing high school
Cook a meal (three-course)
Make small talk
Forgive his family
Acknowledge other viewpoints (social)
Detect and respond to ambiguity
Finish school

Your thirty-year-old adult may be able to…

Make a martini (vodka)
Tie a half-Windsor knot
Drive a manual transmission
Refrain from discussing college
Get married
File his taxes (EZ form)
Remember 5-10 friends’ birthdays
Acknowledge other viewpoints (political)
Get a flu shot
Give a toast
Install storm windows
Go back to school

Some advanced thirty-year-olds may possibly be able to…

Make a martini (gin)
File his taxes (standard 1040)
Make and keep dental appointments
Have a baby
Finish school


SO, this stemmed from me wanting to make a “30 things I will do before I turn 30” style list, and I did make one, and I will share that in a second. But first, I want to grade myself on the McSweeneys scale.  Grant and I devised a simple scoring method – each thing I have accomplished from the “probably” category gets 1 point, anything from the “may” category gets 2 points, and the “possibly” is three. Since I’m still 28, I get a starting handicap of 5 points.  (so I guess if you are past thirty a negative handicap of 2.5 points for every two years past? I dunno. Is anyone even going to do this at home? Anyway, my score is (out of a possible 49)

37 out of 49! not bad! (although really only about 76%, which is mediocre) Mainly I lose because I cannot hold down a job or tie a tie, and choose not to have babies yet.

(in case you are curious, Grant got a 35, I think we made the under 30 handicap too high because he can do real taxes and has a job and EVERYTHING)

Anyway, I’ve made my 30 under 30 list and will blog every now and again when something gets checked off. Fun experiences ahead! Can I do them all?!

  1. Throw an elaborate 3 course dinner party with well-curated wine pairings for some swank/fun people
  2. jump into the Wellington Harbour
  3. get a PhD
  4. get a job (a big girl job, not just a tutoring or TA position)
  5. get something published in one of my three favorite magazines/journals (October is #1)
  6. try sweetbreads
  7. take a bicycle road trip
  8. finish an impressive and ambitious embroidery project
  9. beat Grant at Stratego
  10. interview (in depth) someone special in my life and write something (essay, short story, whatever) based on it
  11. do something REAL and TANGIBLE with all of my beloved photos floating around my computer and facebook
  12. learn to do a yoga headstand
  13. master the art of cooking without recipes
  14. take a cooking class (preferably on butchering or making my own cheese or charcuterie)
  15. take surfing lessons
  16. help Grant finish (or hey, even START) his novel
  17. go to a conference concerning Monique Wittig/publish something just on Wittig (basically branch out from Trockel into Wittig in some way, if only the once)
  18. make a special beer
  19. make a syllabus / curriculum guide for my dream seminar class (on the virgule)
  20. see at least 3 of my favourite Trockel artworks in person
  21. watch ALL of the decalogue
  22. decide for sure whether or not I’m getting more tattoos (just the one more) and if yes, get it!
  23. learn how to sew (just a little)
  24. find ways to make the most important people in my life feel special
  25. start to garden (learn about gardening) and composting
  26. volunteer for something I believe in
  27. go to Gibbs Farm sculpture parkin Auckland
  28. volunteer for something I believe in
  29. start some sort of annual photography tradition
  30. ?????


So there you go! Thoughts? anyone else done/doing this? what should number 30 be?

* “sweet as” is my new favourite New Zealand saying, beating out even “cool bananas”

** or not so soon, I’ve procrastinated and live on the other side of the world

~ by gakather on August 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Artsy Fartsy Update and Some Lil’ Ol’ Life Goals”

  1. One quick note about sweetbreads: if you are to try them, try them breaded and double-fried. It makes them slightly more pleasant.

  2. You’ve always been advanced, so I’d think you might want to choose something off that advanced list (like have a baby?)

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