Official Farmers’ Market Trip

Hey guys! So I’m still adjusting to life on the other side of the international dateline, but thanks to Grant forcibly keeping me awake later than 9 every night for the past week, I’m finally sleeping semi-normally.  We’ve had quite a few more adventures here (celebrated Grant’s birthday, went to some movies and poetry readings, but I’ll tell you all about that later.) Today I will regale you with our Sunday morning trip to the farmers’ market here in Wellington (known as the Harbour Side Market). (spoiler: it was fun).

I saw a couple of fruits (or vegetables?) that I had never seen before:


I think those last ones are yams of some sort.  There were some cute young kids playing electric ukuleles :


Also, notice how people are dressed; it is WINTER here guys.  In the course of a walk around town you’ll see everything from giant fur-lined parkas and boots to skimpy tank tops and cutoffs – one of the main reasons for this is that New Zealand happens to be where the ozone is thinnest, and so the sun completely changes the temperature — it can be 40 degrees, then the sun comes out and BAM low 70s.  So, just as was the case in the UK for other reasons – layers are key here folks, layers.

Food is so crazy expensive in Wellington, that we were really pleased to discover that produce at the Farmer’s market is about 1/3 of the price of the grocery stores’ – so I think we’ll be doing most of our weekly shopping here on Sundays, and eating more and more vegan dishes (cheese and meat are the most expensive of all!) . But this money savings does afford us the luxury of snacking away while at the market.  (HEY WENDY!) They even have Mexican food here! (sorely lacking from my England days.


(The sign says “HOT! Like a Mexican!”)

Grant and I bypassed the so-marketed-as “healthy” Mexican food for the awesome looking German sausages, however.  It was really delicious (and, genius idea – they put the sauerkraut on the BOTTOM (in the bun before the sausage) saves on a lot of precious sauerkraut wastage!


It was great – but on a side note, while I know that, in actuality, this is a much better quality of sausage/hotdog product, I cannot say it is better (to me) than a quiktrip hotdog, because I LOVE QUIKTRIP! I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been having dreams about going there at least once a week – I just stand by the soda dispensers as long as I can, drinking diet drinks until I’m asked to leave the store, which is when I grab a couple of hotdogs before I’m physically escorted out.

One of the coolest parts of the Farmers’ Market was the fresh fish – basically, the fishermen just pull their boats up to the dock, and sell you whatever they caught that day – they ask if you want it scaled or fully cleaned, and then you get the freshest, super cheap fish.  Grant and I knew what we wanted to make that night (I will be posting that AMAZING culinary experience soon – with recipes!) so we didn’t buy any (plus it was really sort of hectic and the fishermen yelled a lot – and Grant gets awkward in social situations he isn’t accustomed with, so we just studied them for awhile and will come back next week – aren’t you excited?!)


So yeah, where I live smells like the ocean because it IS the ocean – if you know me, you know how happy that makes me.  It is so gorgeous here:


and finally, here is a picture of me with a giant leek standing in front of our house (Grant was SO embarrassed to have to take this photo)

~ by gakather on August 1, 2012.

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  1. That looks like a leek tree.

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