Hey Guys! I live in the future now (it’s winter here, but like, a sunny fake winter)

I’m listening to lots of 1960-1970s French Pop as I write this – I like French Pop, it’s what was played exclusively during dinner at my wedding – which brings me to ……


I am a married lady now 🙂  I had pretty much my favorite wedding ever – with inflatable dinosaurs and pies in jars and giant yellow school busses carting everyone around – and LOVE and friends and drunken groomsmen in the hot tub yelling TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF! (the groomsmen did the best speech ever and sang to me, so I was happy to see them enjoying themselves, even if it was sans-clothes).
Also – in catch up news I had an amazing trip to Wales, which I will share with you all soon – and now I live in New Zealand! (Which is what most of you want to hear about, am I right?) Well, I’ve seen some great art shows (separate post, later) and I’ll put more photos up on facebook – but here are some initial impressions:
I can smell the ocean here, I LOVE that.
People here are NICE – I can’t understand what they’re doing with their vowels, and the first time I heard a British accent I went “oh thank God! That sounds LOVELY” but oh well.
The food here is amazing, the drinks here are amazing, the shops are amazing – BUT as my husband put it (so well) – “you can get whatever you want here, you just have to pay for it” – and it is TRUE – they have bread shipped in from the east coast of New York, drinks that take ingredients from about three different continents, the most gorgeous clothes and produce – but the prices here are SHOCKING.  You think New York City is expensive? You think London is expensive? THINK AGAIN
It is Winter here – but that means it is 55 degrees and sunny. SCORE.
Ok – onto what you guys really want (you visual slaggy-cakes!) Some narratives and pictures!
– so yesterday Grant and I took the cable car up to the botanical gardens – so gorgeous!
THIS IS WHERE I LIVE NOW YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The city is such a weird mix of Hawaii, England, Wales (because everything is written in two languages), San Francisco, and LA – it is crazy and great.
Lord of the Rings Trees!
The best beer I’ve had so far here is a brand called “yeastie boys” (hahaha) notice that I took this picture on top of my record player, playing my picture disk of Quintron (you guys! I am so “heep” it hurts!)
So – something else about New Zealand (other than the amazing malaysian food and the fact that a LOT of people don’t wear shoes around the city) is that they have the most amazing coffee – in fact, my favorite espresso drink, the “flat white” was invented here! This is what one looks like:
This was taken at brunch this morning (yes, I am half of a heep married couple who enjoys brunch) and you may be asking yourself: “hmm, that spoon look interesting” and you are asking yourself that because IT. IS.
yes, that IS a Diana princess of wales spoon (her wedding spoon, to be exact, which is fitting because she got married the day my husband was born – next week!)
To see what I got for breakfast you’ll have to go to my facebook page (ooh, integration of social networks)
After brunch we got tangled up in the line for “New Zealand’s Got Talent” but it was pretty small so we extricated ourselves and went to the farmers’ market.
I spent way too much money on winegums and fruit pastilles.

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One Response to “Hey Guys! I live in the future now (it’s winter here, but like, a sunny fake winter)”

  1. Gahhh the Lord of the Rings trees are RIDICULOUS!!! I want to move there!!!! Love your blog post, can’t wait to see more!

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