“Woke up last night and thought I was gonna die (SICK!)”

So I don’t think I’m going to die, but the lyrics to the Cramps’ song “Bop Pills” have been going through my fever-addled mind all day.  It is the soundtrack to my day. I’m sick.  I have the crappiest immune system and I am always mad at it. (here’s the song)

Did I tell you guys about the time I got to go see the Cramps? It was magical -right at the height of my love for them (highschool) and I was convinced I wouldn’t be let in because the club they were playing at (Pops in Sauget, IL) was 21 and up at the time, but the doorman thought it was so cute that little old me was a devoted fan that he let me in (but made it clear he’d “be keeping an eye on me – no boozin’! Lux is gonna be all the high you need little lady”).  The show was AMAZING, and Quintron and Miss Pussycat opened for them and even did a puppet show and I had no idea who those crazy kids from Louisiana were but I LOVED THEM, and still do. Probably more than the Cramps (sorry guys).  Anyway, Lux Interior is quite the frontman and he looked like this for half of the show:

and then for the other half he pretty much just looked like this:

Anyway, rambling – this is like a fever-dream blog post, and I am mainly committing to it because I’ve committed to YOU, you guys.  I promised weekly blogging, and weekly blogging it will be!

So today, things I have liked are – mainly lying in bed feeling guilty for not going to “Tums and Bums” tonight.  Although reading  this post from the hairpin on how to get a better “bum” sort of put things in a bit more perspective (as did my mother and friend Michelle forbidding my sick bum from going).

I also laid in bed and was cheered up by the puppy bowl kitten half time show.  That was wild- check it out here. I also watched an entire season of this show called Heston’s Feasts, where Heston Blumenthal (a chef) goes insane and makes awesome themed dinners.  You can see an episode of it here.

What else? Oh, there was this:

is that real you guys or part of my fever? Did she just waste all that yummy asparagus to tell me it’s not going to SNOW?! Darn it witchy woman, that stuff is awesome in omelets!

Finally, if I get sicker and end up in the hospital, please don’t make out with people on top of my bed while I’m paralyzed.  Why do I make this request, you ask? Because of this crazy video:




~ by gakather on February 7, 2012.

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