It’s 10pm and I’m still cooking dinner. *Lieblings*

I wake up too late.  I woke up so late today that I’m currently still cooking dinner and it’s after 10pm.  I mean, I still accomplished a lot; I went to the gym, went grocery shopping, began cooking a complicated dinner, submitted an essay proposal for a magazine, and…. watched some tv.  It’s just all pushed back.  PLUS I went to what I thought would be an easy peasy exercise class (it was called “tums and bums” -cute! I imagined little old ladies and fun songs.  NO. NO NO NO.  The instructor yelled a lot and for the first time I understand why people sometimes throw up when they over exert themselves.  Sadly, I can never get on the elliptical machine again for a leisurely hour without feeling like I’m weak and punking out, so I think I’m stuck attending this horror show every week until I leave the country.  (Mom, I will SO be ready for boot camp with you now!) Anyway, you don’t care. Lieblings:

1) Jason Wu for Target

I have always loved Target’s collaborations with high-end fashion designers.  I was there for Proenza Schouler, and McQueen, and, well, all of them (except for Missoni, I missed out on that cluster-fuck, sadly).  And now there is a new line, coming out Sunday, February 5th. I know this because I have written it down in my planner and am hoping the British time difference will help me score some cute, French New-Wave inspired dresses online.  For all the looks you can go here.

2) Going to Las Vegas!

This is a photo of my and my mom the last (and only) time I went to Las Vegas. My wonderful mother decided to take me for my birthday. It was great! The only real problem?  It was my 19th birthday.  So I got kicked out of all the bars, and casinos, and Elvis performances there were. (Although my mother *did* chase the Elvis impersonator down an alley yelling “Elvis! Elvis! It’s my daughter’s birthday!” so that I could get a photo with him).  But now folks, in April, it is do-over time.  I am OLD now, I can do things, adult things (no, not like that you guys, ew).  So I’m stoked.  Stoked, stoked, stoked.  Speaking of the above photo, I had short hair then, for some reason I am wanting to get my hair cut off EVEN MORE. Thoughts?  Last time I had short hair I was a lot skinnier, and it wasn’t the best cut, but maybe this is also a do-ever timed thing? (see the old cut below): (I am the one sitting down, duh) (the other gal is my cousin Sarah – who is coming to Manchester soon! yay!)


3) My Parents (Sappy, I know, but I am sort of homesick right now, ok?!)


Awwww, right you guys?  Well that doesn’t even get close to the awwww-ness of this:



Yes, my dad plays Santa for various town events.  Here he is with some of our cows:



and here is my mom with a cow:



and here is my dad as a gorilla:





4) This Really Adorable Goldfish Funeral



I know that “adorable” and “funeral” should never go together – but this girl is just so smart and insistent – I love how she has to keep correcting her parents on the name of the fish.


~ by gakather on January 31, 2012.

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