Out of the rubble of my crap-tastic weekend comes: LIEBLINGS!

Howdy folks. Right now I’m sipping on some half-price wine, cooking up some grain pilaf (I still have so much grain to get rid of! – this pilaf consists of faro, barley, bulgur, and quinoa). I’m listening to the soundtrack for “True Stories” – which is an amazing movie even if it did essentially break up the Talking Heads). It makes me happy – it is just one instance of my wonderful father being one of my primary taste-influencers (he once wanted me to listen to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack so much, even though I was way too young, that he put it on his record player and would pause it between each song to give me a PG version of what was happening – not an easy task. It lead to me singing “touch-a-touch-a-touch-a-touch me” with no idea what it was I was referring to.

So, on that note:

1) True Stories

Oh man, you guys.  I sort of have the feeling I’ve blogged about this before, because…. how could I NOT? This is definitely in my top three favorite movies of all time.  According to IMDB it is about:

“A small but growing Texas town, filled with strange and musical characters, celebrates its sesquicentennial and converge on a local parade and talent show.”

I prefer the dvd cover, that it is a “Completely cool, multipurpose movie.” – because IT IS!  This movie, which stars David Byrne, Spalding Gray, and this young up-and-comer:

You guys, this movie is just so good – so very, very, odd, and good, and wonderful, and cool.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  Like, now.  Seriously.  It is filled with songs from the Talking Heads, and many wonderful quiet moments with David Byrne.  It’s a very hard movie to describe, so here are some clips:

and the trailer:

Please go watch it! And let me know what you think!

2) (this is not cheating) The song “People Like Us” from “True Stories”

I’ve been on sort of a weird music kick lately – not anything new, but old old stuff I really loved in highschool.  So, lots of violent femmes, velvet underground, Warren Zevon, and travelling Wilburies.  And defo Talking Heads.  My current favorite talking heads song is “People Like Us” – which was sung at the climax of the movie “True Stories’ by John Goodman.  It’s a very, very country sort of song, but I love to sing along with it – it’s probably the most heartfelt thing David Byrne has ever sung.

3) I-pet Companion

Ok you guys, this has been a bad week. (In some ways, work-wise I’m doing amazingly) – it has been a week so bad that having my bank information stolen and losing lots of money, and dealing with the stupid British customer service people to fix it (still not fixed)) was not NEARLY the worst thing that happened to me.  Because of this I’ve needed lots of happiness, and because of this I am now sharing with you a lieblings I’ve been hiding for awhile, because it is just SO GOOD. Ok, here it is: the ipet companion.  Basically, you go to this website and you get to play with REAL LIVE CATS!!!! REALLY! Every time I’m feeling down I go here and play.   (the best one is Michigan’s) – basically this is a website that allows you to play, in real time, with real shelter  kittens.  Each shelter has machines you control through the magic of the internets.  It is awesome, just go try it.

4) THIS (birthday idea, anyone?)

What if I don’t like Chardonnay OR Merlot? 😦

5) Green Onion Tips (aka, I’m never buying green onions AGAIN, bee-yotch!)  (I am so sorry I just said “bee-yotch” but this is cool guys)

So this isn’t the prettiest of pictures, but this tip is great.  You know how you always have to buy like, 8 green onions in a pack, but the recipe only calls for one or two? Or perhaps you just like garnishing things with green onion – anyway, all you do is take the white parts of the green onion and stick them in water, and put them near some sun, and voila! They regrow! I didn’t think there would be enough sun here in Manchester, but it really did work.

~ by gakather on January 23, 2012.

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