Lieblings (so I almost missed them, I am the worst).

I forgot today was monday you guys! I am truly in the enviable position in which weekends and weekdays mean nothing other than when the stores close for me.  So I just got back from my (too late in my opinion) pre-yoga yoga class (which was way too easy) and realized that today was a lieblings day.  So here we go (I have to get this done in an hour or I fail a resolution!)


1) Gojee

Image (link HERE) is a really neat website that allows you to type in any combination of foods you are craving, foods you have on hand, and/or foods you don’t like and then comes up with delicious recipe options for you.  This was especially wonderful for me, because I’m moving soon and have tons and tons of food to use up before I go.  (mostly an assortment of odd grains – I still have more than three kilograms of quinoa left!!!!)  The website is designed well, easy to use, and really fun (you can unlock different trophies depending on what types of food you look up).  (apparently I crave lamb too much and just got a “killing spree” award).  (I used up a ton of red lentils on this delicious dish: lamb with red lentils) and have been eating it every night for over a week – it’s just that good!


2) This Video

Belushi, Akroyd, Wilson – so much to love. So, so much.  How crazy out of it does Brian Wilson look anyway?


3) The “My Vintage Book Collection” Blog


How can you not be intrigued by this photo!?!?  If you don’t look at it and say to yourself “what the heck is going on here? I MUST KNOW!” Then to be honest, you are not someone I really want to get to know. So, pffffft.  For the rest of you, this is an illustration from one of the many, many fascinating and odd, and often oddly fascinating old children’s books that Mallory puts up on her website My Vintage Book Collection.  This website is so good I almost didn’t want to share it – so that I could always have secret awesome images to confuse people with – but you know what you guys?  For you, I’ll share – I mean, we’re friends, and thats what friends are for.  (also I’m being lazy and only doing three lieblings today, so one of them had to be stellar!) The above image comes from a book called “Three Little Horses” by Piet Worm.  It is probably my favorite of all the books scanned into the website.  I wish I could find an actual hardcopy of it to someday terrify and delight my future offspring with! 

~ by gakather on January 16, 2012.

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