The Glorious Return of Monday Lieblings!

Hello, hello! It’s the new year, I’m gyming it up, getting work done (well, slowly, still far behind as far as trying to get stuff published goes, yecch), I’ve signed up for scary yoga (it’s hardcore you guys- my friend Wendy (who is GREAT at yoga) has *thrown up in her mouth* *more than once*! at this yoga class.  For real.  Hardcore.  I am taking an easier yoga class from now until February just to prepare for the scary yoga class!  I’m also drinking more water and not drinking any alcohol until I lose at least a stone. (Hopefully this goal will be met before book club). Anyway, your old friend the lieblings is back, and it’s starting off with a theme week.  So here we go, today you get five things I love devoted to one big thing I love – Doctor Who!!

Now, really when I say Doctor Who I mainly mean the 11th doctor (played by Matt Smith) and the newer seasons of Doctor Who.  Pre-Matt Smith I liked Doctor Who, I knew it existed, I would be happy if I caught an episode on the sci-fi (I refuse to recognize the name change of syfy because that is STUPID, you guys) channel.  I laughed and clapped my hands in gleeful recognition when, at Grant’s cousin’s wedding, they played the Doctor Who theme for their entrance song – but overall I was a passive fan, a fair-weather fan.  I never loved David Tennant (sorry, he bothers me guys, the converse are lame), I was not die hard.  NOW I am die-hard.  I watched both of the new seasons bam bam bam in a row in, like, less than a week.  I would stay up until 3am just to watch more Doctor Who – every night, at least one of my dreams involve Doctor Who, I want to get a tattoo of a tardis with a bow tie, FOR REAL.  Ok, so that said, number one, is, of course:

1) Matt Smith (the eleventh Doctor)

LOVE. LOVE. I have such a huge crush on Matt Smith, you guys.  He is cute, he was going to be a pro-footballer until he hurt his knee, he is an excellent actor and the best Doctor Who.  Plus, his doctor has added a very important addition to his look, which brings me to:

2) Bow-Ties (Bow-ties are cool)

As most people who know me know, I am a big supporter of the bowtie.  Not enough guys wear bowties- and you know what? They ARE cool.  Not only does the 11th doctor wear a bowtie, he is constantly defending this choice to the world with the charmingly stated phrase “bowties are cool“.  He did wear a fez for a bit (“it’s a fez, I wear a fez now.  Fezes are cool”) and I liked that too, but unfortunately it was blown up by a futuristic shotgun.

3) River Song

There are many things that make the newer seasons of Doctor Who especially great, many people credit the Doctor’s new companion, Amelia/Amy Pond:

and she is, to be fair, really great.  She is probably one of the best companions.  Also, Steven Moffat is writing a lot of the episodes and he’s great (he also writes for the new “Sherlock”) but my favorite new character is River Song.  There are so many reasons why she’s great – she gets to make out with the Doctor all the damn time, and call him “sweetie”, and… well I really can’t say any of the other reasons she’s great because of:

but take my word for it, she’s great.  Her plotlines are excellent.  She is a wonderful bad-ass.  Did I mention that she gets to make out with Doctor Who all the time?

Because she does.

4) The Vincent Van Gogh Episode (Vincent and the Doctor)

Of course, as an art historian I’m biased towards this episode – but that is because it is done so well.  I would have been just as likely (if not more so) to be biased against it if they had done something stupid with it, but they didn’t.  You GUYS, this episode is amazing.  It’s also a good one-off episode, so even if you don’t know much about Doctor Who and the season arc, you can still watch it and not be too confused (you do know that a tardis is bigger on the inside, right?)  So, I love this episode so much that I’ll admit it, I cried not once but TWICE during this episode.  And not just a little trickle down of a single wayward tear, oh no, full out dumboing (for those of you who know what that means, those who don’t, just ask) – bawling, continuous blubbering.  I cried. A lot.  The first time was when they were laying in the field and saw the starry starry night painting realized and the second time – oh the second time.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it was pretty much any art historian’s wet dream (to be crass about it).  I mean, half way through the episode I was saying “I know they won’t do this, but I really wish they WOULD do this” and then, you know what guys? THEY DID IT! And it wasn’t cheesy – it was emotional, and beautiful.  Anyway, if that doesn’t make you want to watch it, nothing will.  Oh, and also the blind invisible monster is totally a metaphor for mental illness and vision, you guys! It is just all so sublimely sad.

5) The Best of The Doctor on Itunes

Oh no! I was mainly suggesting this show because it was free on itunes last week, but now, for some sad reason, it is not.  I got it when it was free and watched it at the gym, and it was great.  Basically, it just goes through the best episodes that Matt Smith has been in, with witty and amusing commentary by Doctor Who celebrity fans.  There is everyone from my personal favorite, Paul F. Tompkins, to Reggie Watts, to Eugene Merman, to Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.  It’s also a really good way to dip your toe in and see if you want to invest the time to watch all of the newer episodes (trust me, you do).  You can buy it on amazon or itunes.

BONUS) The Sarah Jane Chronicles

This is sort of embarrassing, but I liked this show before I feel back in total love with Doctor Who.  Basically, Sarah Jane was one of the Doctor’s past companions, and this show is a spin-off starring her.  It is, to be honest, a children’s show, but it gets dark for a kid’s show, you guys.  Anyway, it’s best episode is also art history related (a two parter in which a museum comes to life and the Mona Lisa is EVIL).

BONUS BONUS)  Matt Smith playing the Doctor Who theme song with Orbital at Glastonbury

LATE BREAKING-JUST DISCOVERED-BONUS BONUS) The F*** Yeah Matt Smith’s Wardrobe Tumblr!

I just found this website like one minute ago while I was trying to find a rumored sexy photo of Matt Smith in a v-neck t-shirt, and am stoked.  It’s dedicated to Matt Smith’s wardrobe. The end. Nuff’ Said.

AND ONE FOR THE ROAD) Since this post is already gif-heavy (at least it’s supposed to be, I can’t get the bowties are cool one to work):


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