Resolutions and Such

Hey Everybody! So I know that pretty much every post for the last few times has started with something along the lines of “oh geez I haven’t blogged in forever but I promise I will and blah blah blah” – and the last post was *six months* ago! BUT “hey guys, I haven’t blogged in a long time but THIS time I promise……..” oh well, just see below.  I figure what better time to restart this old thing than the start of the New Year?  NONE -thats what.  (for those of you that are bad at recognizing rhetorical questions).  So, as lame and cliche as it is, I will get this bloggity blog re-rolling by posting my new year’s resolutions (hey, public transparency can help me keep them, right?)  So here we gooooo……


Blog Regularly 


I don’t know if anyone out there either reads or enjoys this blog o’mine, but for my own sake, I’m going to start posting at least once a week, every week again.  I promise!  Some will be lieblings (I have so many great ones for you all!) Some will be random updates on my life, and some will be awesome recipes.  (I am not going to really food blog per-say, because there is so much beautiful food photography I can never compare with – but I will go through the bajillion recipes I mean to try and share some of my favorites).  


Get Back Into Running



About this time last year (sadly, probably earlier) I stopped running regularly – this was 70% due to laziness and 30% due to knee problems.  While I do plan on starting up power yoga again (dude, you have no idea how intense this yoga class is) and joining the Chorlton leisure center (since I moved away from my old gym) (I miss it!!!) I want to get back to running regularly -right now I run every now and then and can hardly get anywhere – it is very, very sad.  I miss the days where I could just run and run and feel awesome – so thats a goal.


Complete at least (3-5?) Tomatoes a Day



Oh isn’t google image search fun?  By tomatoes I mean, of course, the awesome get-work-done program “my tomatoes” (which I’ve mentioned before).  I am the sort of person that doesn’t do work until the very last minute – I pride myself on my internal “now you must get work done NOW’ clock – this clock allows me to get work done and be as lazy as possible.  Basically, I’ve never missed a deadline throughout my whole academic career – but I haven’t worked that hard.  I know, I know, lame- but it’s true.  I think if I worked at maximum capacity I could be done with my dissertation by now, but as it stands I’ve finished all my chapters and have my intro and conclusion planned out.  Now, I have a long stretch of time with no teaching and no panels where I have to finish the whole thing.  SO, hopefully, instead of doing it all in the last two months, I’m going to do at least three to five tomatoes (that’s about 1 and a half to two and a half hours) per day on my dissertation.  Boring, but probably very good for me.


Become  A Monique Wittig Expert


In case you aren’t aware. Monique Wittig is a radical lesbian separatist author.  I plan on, along with Deleuze and Guattari, making her the key theorist in my dissertation.  (I vow to become the first responsible and awesome feminist Deleuzio-Guattarian.)  (bite it, Braidotti).  Anyway, every single panel meeting I get into an argument with my advisor concerning our very different readings of Wittig, and this year I vow to  convince her that I am right and she is wrong.  I am in the middle of reading everything Wittig has ever written, and it is all awesome.  I don’t speak French, so this resolution will probably never really happen, but heres trying.


Get A Super Cool Hair-Cut


Ha! DONE.  Well, to be fair I got so much hair cut off that although I wanted to go shorter, the hairdresser told me no..  So I think in the new year I’ll go shorter – I like this cut:



Ok, folks – see you next week!

~ by gakather on December 31, 2011.

One Response to “Resolutions and Such”

  1. I’m a terrible blogger also! So maybe we can remind each other to blog something so 6 months doesn’t go by. Happy New Year!

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