Monday Lieblings: In (hopefully premature) Memory of my Ipod

For the past week my ipod has been freaking out – absolutely inexplicably freaking out.  It shuts off for no reason, flashes on and off, doesn’t respond to touching, makes a camera shutter snap noise (my model has no camera feature), I can’t watch videos on it anymore, it keeps wanting to take over my thoughts in order to become a sentient being, etc etc (ok, maybe not that last one so much- but it’s still very upsetting!) I am afraid it will die soon, and then I will be sad and lost and my exercise regime will suffer.  So, with all of this on my mind I’m dedicating this week’s lieblings to my ipod (and so they will all be ipod related).  Here we go:


This is only one of two ipod games I’ve ever actually paid for (the other is the inferior, but still fun “Sally’s Spa) (don’t judge me!) Plants vs. Zombies (or PVZ as the kids in the know call it) is awesome – basically you defend your home against zombies by strategically planting plants with different skill sets.  I got this game for myself for my birthday, and then proceeded to spend the weekend in bed finishing it all too quickly (I said no judging!)  It is that good people.  Sort of like stratego, but animated… and with zombies…. and better. I highly, highly recommend it.  Here is a screen shot of the game:


John Hodgman is wonderful, but he has a very specific style of humor – one that doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to be properly showcased, which has always been a shame – but is no longer a problem because of this witty, sardonic, goofy podcast.  I LOVE this podcast, and eagerly await its weekly update.  The basic premise is that John Hodgman acts as a judge in order to rule on and solve a variety of petty arguments (my girlfriend is hiding food from me, my friend won’t join facebook, my dad forces me to watch classic movies with him) – the arguments aren’t the interesting part, what really shines is Hodgman’s amusing comments and ridiculously impressive knowledge of banal things (I especially love his extensive expertise on word origins). I highly suggest subscribing to this.


I am a sucker for the free tv show downloads that itunes often offers – I will pretty much watch anything on there (hey, it’s free!) the shows are usually awful, and I’m not saying that “Haunted Collector” isn’t awful – it’s just awful in an amazing and delightful way.  The show (on Syfy) basically combines antique roadshow with ghost hunters.  The main guy and his team go around the country rooting out haunted objects (apparently objects can be haunted, not just houses).  There are many delicious layers to this show – first of all, the main ghost collector dude (can’t remember his name) is so deadpan and awkward and lovable – secondly the show has some genuinely interesting historical facts, thirdly everyone on the ghost/object hunting team is highly skeptical about the existence of ghosts at all, and aren’t afraid to be like “this is all bullshit” – and then there are the further layers, such as when I convinced myself that this guy is actually a genius scammer who is stealing valuable antiques from people (it usually just so happens that the most valuable object in the house is the one that is haunted, and thus must be taken safely away to the haunted collector’s house) – and then there is the weird relationship he has with his much younger daughter replacement potential lover teammate- and BEST OF ALL – the things actually doing the haunting are awesome – we are talking GHOST SHARKS people!



This is a great free itunes app that lets you play scrabble with your friends- check it out (and start a game with me, I’m gakather)



so, everyone knows ipods can play music videos – this one is a particular current favorite (not suitable for all audiences!) (but how awesome is it that the man slaves are all carrying around 4 loko?)


~ by gakather on June 28, 2011.

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