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Well, already I am too lazy to be on time with lieblings! I have no excuse, but I’m sitting on the couch being simultaneously confused and horrified by “Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids” and have been inspired to write a tv post. Starting with this show.  This show reminds me of a book I read when I was in second grade that tried to “be real” and scare kids- I don’t know how to describe it past that, but I know I had nightmares about my parents not really loving me because I was lazy for weeks.  Basically, this is a badly animated show targeted to kids, where kids die of laziness, greed, and… cold?  

This reminds me of one of the first shows I ever saw in the UK, called “Trapped” – basically the show is like a children’s version of the mole, where one kid has to sabotage the other kids- but a combination of very high quality freakiness and odd staging (a demon midget that eats bones and only comes out in the dark anyone?) and screeching backstabbing British children makes you really believe that “Lord of the Flies” is complete nonfiction.  

Another show I love? I don’t think anyone here will be surprised, but I love…… GENIE IN THE HOUSE!

now, I ran into this show while flipping through the channels- my tv is only black and white, and in black and white the main character (said genie in said house) Adil looks like he’s wearing black face – he isn’t really, but it’s enough to give one pause, and in that pause I became addicted to this show.  It’s one of only two shows made by Nickelodeon for a “european” market (the creator is French, but wanted to make “England the new America” – I can’t describe why I love this show, but I do – so much so that I stay up until 3am every night to watch it.   And even better news? It will be a 3D movie soon! 

I can’t embed it but here is the opening theme:   after watching about (oh, maybe two dozen) a few episodes, I realized that the show only uses one song whenever they play a song, and that, my friends is the amazing PINEAPPLE SONG: 

This show is always followed by the only other non-US nickelodeon show, “Summer in Transylvania”  – the show is bad, but the theme song is……. enjoyably generic (?) watch at about 1:28 here

As far as British shows I actually like (as in, they’re really very good) go- there are the classic British comedies, Black Adder, Father Ted, The Young Ones, Black Books, Allo Allo, etc.  A new comer to this category is Simon Amstell’s sitcom “Grandma’s House” – Simon Astell was the host of “Nevermind the Buzzcocks”, which he left to do this show.  The show has my personal favorite, Noel Fielding on a lot:

Here is some more:



NMTBs suffered, but Grandma’s House is hilarious and underrated.  It is basically about Simon quitting a lucrative career as a gameshow host and everyone being disappointed about it ( so close to real life!) 

I’m pretty sure “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” has made it to the states, but now the UK has turned it into a whole series, and it is beyond amazing.  

This show follows the wedding customs (and in the second season further lifestyle traditions) of UK gypsies.  They are obsessed with weddings, which are usually beyond grandiose (but in a sad way, because women are second class citizens who only get their way once, on their wedding day) here are some of the dresses displayed:

The gypsy culture is really interesting- they are very strict when it comes to sex before marriage, but they let their children run around like this:

Ok, other show thoughts… there is a show called “compete for the meat”- EVERYONE should go watch “Outnumbered” right now because it is my favorite British comedy – and……..  the Brits have an odd take on disabilities.  On the one hand they have shows like America’s next top model, where disabled (in wheelchairs, missing limbs, etc) women compete – but then they have uncomfortably exploitative shows like……

CRIPPENDALES.  –  a show about disabled men who want to be strippers.  I mean, it’s one thing if disabled men want to get their kits off for kicks, but to show them struggling documentary style and calling it CRIPPENDALES? just seems squeamy to me.  Although the blind guy is pretty fit:

Well, that was my ramble, I have many more insights and feelings towards british tv (I love you “Come Dine With Me” and “Golden Balls”) but this is all for now.  GO WATCH OUTNUMBERED!


OH! I almost forgot my favorite- “Snog, Marry, Avoid” -in this show POD (personal overhaul device) gives scally slags makeunders!



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