Lieblings From a Lazy Grad Student

This was originally supposed to be a blog all about my adventures as a PhD student in Manchester, but then it just turned into my lieblings, and now I hardly ever even post those.  It’s not that I don’t have adventures (although with a dissertation to finish asap and a tight student budget they are fewer and farther between this past semester) it’s just that they either involve negative things (who wants to hear about the dozens of times I’ve had my life threatened in this evil city, really?) or I’m too lazy to recount them, or take pictures, or remember my camera, etc etc.  Another big excuse: I’m not that exciting. Really.  I watch a lot of TV (next week’s lieblings will be a rundown of some of my current favorite program) (yes, I plan to go back to weekly -we’ll see how long that lasts), I take a lot of baths, I read a lot, I write too little, and I don’t even cook much as I’m on a boring and torturous low-carb diet.  (I lost about a stone in two weeks- crazy).

For those who care- life updates: I am moving to Whalley Range in July- the evil house of Levenshulme will be someone else’s problem and I will live near Unicorn (a whole foods type independent grocer that has the only decent produce in this city- and APPLE RINGS (I love apple rings) and Pie (a restaurant/pub that serves classic British pies and has an amazing beer selection – although I tend to just get Blue Moon there because they have it (pretty much unbelievable to find it here) and it reminds me of America).  My current chapter is on Painting Machines, and Sade, and Roussel, and…..  cool stuff.

So, on to the lieblings!


I’m a bit behind letting you know about this album (then again, I haven’t posted in over two months) but making up for lost time: GO BUY THIS ALBUM RIGHT NOW!  It is far and away the best new thing I have heard in years.  I am a bit biased because I like the England/America connections and statements made within the lyrics, and the outfit PJ has been donning as she does the rounds of all the British music shows is just great. (Very sister-wives wedding dress with a bird on the head), but trust me, good stuff.  (although I’ve been told that if you are super-partial to her older stuff you may not appreciate the vocals on this).  So here are some of my favorite songs:

Let England Shake (this is from a British politics show, which may explain the funny bit in the middle where the show’s hosts are shown watching the live performance from a tv)

The Last Living Rose – this is tied for my favorite song on the album

Glorious Land – also tied for my current favorite

The Words that Maketh Murder


also, I want an autoharp now.




This is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes oddly poetic, entrancing blog. Check it out- I hurt I am in Fashion



Remember Jane Magazine? (Or, perhaps, Sassy – I was a bit too young for Sassy in its heyday) remember the makeunders? and the favorite things that you could actually afford and were awesome? I do – I was a subscriber up until the bitter end when I got the sad sad letter saying they were not going to continue publication.  Well, do not fret, I have not brought up these sad memories for nought – oh no, there is a slight substitutive hope (sort of like Splenda) and it is called – it is not as good (and I miss holding an actual glossy magazine in my hands) but it’s alright.  Jane Pratt started it and it has some good tips and some good writing (and some really bad writing, but I guess they’re finding their stride).  (and for those of you who may or may not remember, Daria parodied Jane in an episode where a person named Val had Val Magazine :



Kickstarter is a website that helps fund creative projects.  Basically, someone with a project (be it a cookbook, art show, fashion line, etc etc) sets a monetary goal for how much it will cost to carry out, then set a time limit on it, and then people from all over the world can donate money.  If you reach your goal in time, you get the money, if not, you don’t get any of the funds raised. Donators receive perks at different levels (like for 10 dollars you get a tote bag, 100 gets you an original art print, etc, etc).  Of course, this is all well and good and rah rah independent creative folks – but the real reason I’m lieblings-ing it is because it is a terrific time waster.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon searching through projects people have suggester.  For example, the picture above is from someone who wants to make a bike-powered butter and toast maker.  There is a quite meta project who’s only goal is to produce a t-shirt about the project.  The projects range from the absurd to the REALLY absurd .  Oh, and here is one for my brother Daniel:




I love Scotch- do you love scotch? Then know how to pronounce it for pete’s sake! :








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  1. Ugh! And they replaced the rest of the subscription with Glamour, which was like swooping down in the middle of lunch and replacing your peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a bowling ball. Sure, I occasionally use a bowling ball, but it doesn’t serve the same purpose.


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