All publication formatting work and no image rights play makes Katherine a grumpy, non blogging girl

Ok, so I have been formatting the crap out of my latest conference paper – I mean, it’s great that the talks are being published, but it makes the effort of my first big girl conference (no post-grad conferences for me, no sir) all the more difficult. Anyway, my paper on Concentrationary Imaginaries/Imaginaries of Violence (mine is about *mermaaaaaiiidddds*!) is done and dusted.  For more information go here – anyway, this blog post might seem snippy because I am snippy. Also, only three lieblings this week. sorry. snippy.


You’ve all heard of the website etsy (if not, it’s a website where you can buy handmade goods).  Regretsy collects the worst of the worst crafts found on etsy (and oh man, there are some gems) and shares them with you.  Not only are the items unbelievable, but the website commentary is really, really funny.  I have been wasting SO MUCH time on this site recently and I highly recommend it.



Beat up Creations is an etsy seller. (You can see their page here)  I actually found them through regretsy, but personally, I love this stuff.  I wish you could register for it as wedding china.  Here are some of my other favorites:



Oli Kellet is someone that does something in advertising, but on the semi-side she recreates Mills and Boon romance novel covers with her boyfriend. You’re welcome.  (oh, check it out here)

~ by gakather on March 23, 2011.

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