This lieblings is late because I finally, finally, completed my third chapter and turned it in this week. I have my panel next Wednesday and have no idea how it will go- I’ll keep you posted.


1)Paz de la Huerta

Oh Paz de la Huerta, I love you so much; you are always naked and drunk in public and your voice is great even though I’m not sure if it’s a total affectation or not.  You were in Enter the Void and that was pretty cool- you make Boardwalk Empire watchable (and had the best line of the whole series: “is that Irish for Bitch?!”)  You are hilarious in interviews- most of which you insist on conducting in old-man Turkish steam rooms.  There are so many reasons that I love this woman, but I think this interview, in which she says “you’ve got to keep your body as your sanctuary and your muscles” which makes not much sense, oh, and she uses the word classy way, way too much.  Check it out: but no one can express my love as much as the hairpin’s Edith Zimmerman- please do yourself a favor and read this awesome expose on Paz love:

Did I mention her voice? Oh! her voice:

Anyway, Paz de la Huerta, you look good looking grumpy next to Jim Jarmusch:


2) The Opening Credits for “Enter the Void’

Speaking of Enter the Void- it’s Gaspar Noe’s latest film- it’s ok. Visually and aurally the film is amazing- but the plot and details are a bit ridiculous.  I still recommend it- but the best part of it is (a) Paz de la Huerta is in it and (b) the opening credits are awesome – especially the second half.


3) Candy Sushi Kit

Tweeeeee! My goodness you guys- you might think you don’t care about candy sushi kits, and don’t really want to make candy sushi with a candy sushi kit BUT YOU DO- watch this video if you don’t believe me:


4) Olympia Le-Tan’s Book Clutches

So pretty, but so expensive.  I really don’t use clutches (or bags of any kind other than unglamorous messenger bags) but I would love to have one of these Olympia Le-Tan clutches– and of course I would choose the Lolita one:


5)  Great Gatsby for NES!

Ok, this isn’t a *real* game- but it is a real game in the sense you can play it- and I have been having a blast doing so.  Power up on martinis! Shoot flappers and swank waiters! This is loads of fun:


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