So, I’m happy that the Packers won the Superbowl last Sunday- very, very happy.

Clay Matthews is my boy.  But other than that I’m not feeling too enthused this week.  I’m running low on dissertation-fueling steam and signed up for a gym that apparently smells like feet and feels like a hot fishbowl because I am lazy and a sucker for location.  SO this week I’m going to run down 5 things that are making me NOT happy this week; this week is a week of anti-lieblings.


1) Black Swan

So, of course this movie is getting great reviews and wild acclaim, and awards, and on and on- and it does look pretty – well, pretty (and/or cool) but all of its stylistic tropes seem to come from japanese horror movies of the early aughts- it was silly more than it was moving or interesting.  My dislike of the movie wasn’t helped by the fact that I have some previously unknown emotional landmine concerning the music from Swan Lake- as soon as it started playing in the movie I was bawling and bawling.  Oh well.

2) Cars That Read You Facebook

WHY???? why do we need our cars to read us facebook??! while some car companies are working on alternative fuel sources and ways to make sure you don’t fall asleep and kill yourself, the Chevy Cruze shows us what is really truly important in automotive technology. sheesh.

3) Jezebel (.com)

blah blah blah women have problems blah. blah blah blah fat women get a hard time, blah blah blah but they are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, blah blah bloop photoshop blah blah blah tampons blah blah hormones blah blah life isn’t fair FOR WOMEN boo blah blah hoo whinge whinge whinge.  Oh hi guys, I was just finishing up my most recent article for the women’s blog Jezebel – because THAT IS WHAT IT READS LIKE TO ME NOW.  I hate it, I hate it so hard.  We all know that photoshop helps provide a distorted view of women, we all know that diets taken off the back of cereal boxes probably aren’t the best idea- but Jezebel just bitches and bitches and bitches about EVERYTHING with no solutions, no humor, just stick up the butt hard-edged feminism. I have been accused of being a massive chauvinist – so that might not help my case, but geeze louize you guys, this website it dumb.  I have found a lovely new website to go to that is very funny and sometimes informative and much less whiney.  It’s called the hairpin and I knew I was in love, and didn’t have to look at Jezebel bitch about Special K ever again once I read this (on the hairpin)

4) Stack of Dimes


This is a podcast that has, for quite awhile now, been on itunes’ podcast homepage as a “staff recommendation” – don’t believe it! No one should listen to, let alone recommend on such a large platform, this mess of an excuse for entertainment.  It is stupid. It makes me mad.  I listen to a lot of silly or inane podcasts, I admit it, but I just could not stand this one.  Shame on you, anonymous itunes staff member.


5) So Much More!!!!

I am mad that our television is broken, as is our dishwasher and freezer door.  I don’t like that I have been really really tired all the time lately. I don’t like the amount of feedback I’m getting from the powers that be concerning my dissertation.  I hate people that are jealous of my boogy, that tell me to “smile” or “cheer up” when I’m on the street and they are RANDOM STRANGERS- I’m always tempted to yell back at them “my baby just died!” or something to shut them up.  I don’t like Sarah Palin, I don’t like not being able to get kraft macaroni and cheese in this country- I don’t like how bus drivers have no concern or care for bike riders here.


ANYWAY, thanks for bearing with me on my negative lieblings.  I feel better.  Well, I feel like I want a pizza- is that better?


~ by gakather on February 10, 2011.

One Response to “Anti-Lieblings”

  1. I’m very, very glad to see that I wasn’t the only one underwhelmed by Black Swan. I found it tiresome and was annoyed by the fact that it “blew” everyone’s mind because they had that expectation going into the theater. Pff.

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