Monday Lieblings (Tuesday is the new Monday, duh)

So I should be writing the third chapter of my dissertation right now, but I made a promise to keep this thing going (plus I really really need a break from writing) here are two hints at what I’m writing about for it now:

Anyway, on to the libelings!

1) This Teeny-Tiny East Village Studio Apartment by JPDA

It’s simple really: I love good design and I like small spaces, and I love sleeping lofts.  Although I might eventually go a little stir-crazy living in this apartment, it combines all three of these things.  Here is the overall layout of the studio:

You can see all the rooms (well all the divisions of the one room) here. It’s worth looking through the image gallery for all the clever little space-saving ideas that have been incorporated into the whole place.


2) The Chanel Fishing Kit

So this comes from a list of oddly branded designer goods you can see here.  Not the most interesting assortment, but then I saw this beauty- the Chanel fishing kit.  I can’t remember the last time I went fishing, but I know I like it a lot- and what better way to get back into it then in style?


3) Records as Final Resting Places (Vinyl Really *is* Forever)

So, you’re going to die. Yes, you- face it, we all are. But what are you going to do with your space-taking-up self after you die? Well, a British record company called And Vinyly has the answer – turn yourself into a record.  For just £2000 your remains will be pressed into an LP with any song of your choosing on it.  For an extra £1500 their house musicians will write a song in your memory.  If Paul really was dead, and he had had his ashes pressed into a record, not only could we play it backwards and discover the true meaning of life, but this and this would have never, ever happened.  And thats more important, isn’t it?


4) The New 3D Werner Herzog Film

Yes, you read that right – the new Werner Herzog film in 3D.  It’s about this crazy cave and cave art and I think I actually quite want to see it. You can read more about it here. It could be the best thing since Jackass 3D. (hey, I liked it!)


5) These Very Spot-On Stamps from Schooled

I’ve semi-recently finished up my first round of grading British college kids’ final essays, and I could have really used these.  I wish I had a spare $130 because I would love to have all of these forever.  Perhaps a good graduation gift? A reward for actually ever getting a job? I think “let me know when you’re finished” and “I liked it better last week” are especially wilting.  You can see them, and other products at Schooled here.  Or just look at this picture!:


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