Monday Lieblings Are BACK (for real this time guys, oh god, I’m so sorry I got lazy, please don’t abandon me, please)

Ok guys, there are a lot of excuses for why this blog has sort of (majorly) lagged for the past few months — I started teaching at Manchester, I am lazy, I took up rock climbing, my lovely house that I moved into started falling apart, my childhood asthma has come back, and I can’t jog anymore because I have really bad arthritis in my knees. BUT the one I am going to go with, the one I give to you dear readers, is that I sort of ran out of things I liked.  I would much rather take a hiatus than give you inferior lieblings.  So, I feel renewed, it’s a new year (and oh yeah, that chapter I mentioned last time? It was horrible- but I’m working on a better one right now.)  Enjoy:

1) Better Book Titles

So I saw this website linked to on facebook today, and I loved it so much that it’s actually the main reason I brought back the lieblings- I had to share it!  Basically they put better (or more telling, more literal, more accurate) book titles on classic books.  Simple premise, but a literature lover’s paradise.  My mother is looking at it in the other room right now and every few minutes I hear a very loud guffaw.  You simply must check it out here.  Some of my favorites include:

oh man! I have so many more favorites, but I’ll let you scroll through the site and be delighted for yourself.

2) Fuck Yeah, Menswear

Oh yeah you guys, lieblings are back and I’m putting my best best favorites front and center.  This blog makes me laugh and is amazing and beautiful and has man-candy/eye-candy and fashion and everything. It is the Sartorialist meets free-form poetry.  Fuck Yeah Menswear is a perfect mix of absurdism and style.  Check it out here.  If you don’t like it or don’t want to read it all, this link: is to my personal favorite (well one of my favorites, they are all wonderful in their own ways)

3) Junya Watanabe’s Fair-Isle Sweater/Blazers

all photos from The Sartorialist

Speaking of men’s fashion, check out these amazing sweatery jacket things.  They are really great- I really enjoyed the whole line (or at least the sartorialist chosen highlights) which can be seen here. I hope these come into fashion in a big way, the whole look (including the models themselves) is very pleasing.

4) Jumbo Hair Clips

This giant (giantly awesome) hair clip must be mine – it simply must.  It’s from shopbop and I keep forgetting to buy it for some reason, but isn’t it cool? I think it’s cool.

5) My Grandma, Maxine Hunt

My grandmother died last week, and I just got back from her funeral in New Jersey.  It was rough and sad, but she was 94, had 9 kids, 18 grandkids, and 9 great-grandchildren, and was able to live in her own home her entire life, so it was also quite celebratory. My grandma was the closest thing you can get to a perfect concept of “grandma”, she was just amazing.  She constantly read to me (Roald Dahl’s “The Big Friendly Giant” was always my favorite), told me stories (a few of which scared the crap out of me) , baked me things, let me play with her jewelry, let me pretend she was Jabba the Hut to my Princess Leia, and so very much more that I cannot continue to think or write about without crying and crying. So instead, I’ll put up lots and lots of pictures of her here.

my favorite picture of my grandma, taken at her 85th birthday party

my grandma played a big role in my love of reading -please ignore my dreadful, inexcusable haircut

grandma holding me, as a baby

grandma and me

my grandma as a little girl (she's in the front on the right)

fishing (grandma's on the right)

my mom and her mom

my grandmother's wedding photo (only two other people in the wedding party besides her and my grandpa, and her parents didn't even come)

patrick, grandma, and me

teaching me to do laundry

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