Wednesday Lieblings

Hello, hello- so I’m still trucking away at the chapter-writing (330 words down- so many more to go) and have made some headway with actually getting in touch with Rosemarie Trockel.  I’m trying not to dwell on it though, as it is extremely nerve-wracking.  On with Lieblings:

1) Drunk History

I meant to post this two weeks ago, and am afraid that I leaked its awesomeness out already so as to dilute it here- BUT it bears repeating if you’ve already heard of it- Drunk History is GREAT.  Basically some folks over at funny or die filmed their comedian friends explaining sections of American history while drunk, and then famous actors act them out.  I LOVE IT.  You can watch my two favorites here and here.

2) This Painting

This crazy beauty is called “The Cat’s Paw” and is by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer.  It resides in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and is CRAZY and AWESOME.  I’m currently writing on an installation piece that involves metal cube stove top sculptures and horrifying burnt-up mermaid monkeys….. so yeah, I’m digging it. I want it to hang up in my parlor.

3) Catalog Living

Catalog living is a funny blog you should go read here.  I actually laughed out loud quite a few times while reading it, despite its rather dull-sounding premise: the blogger has taken all those overly decorated spaces from furniture adds and narrated them through the life of “Gary and Elaine”.  Just trust me, its entertaining.

4) The impending “On the Road with Austin and Santino” show

Lifetime screwed up Project Runway- but they just might make up for it with this show in which Austin Scarlet and Santino Rice go on the road together….. to do something. Santino is my favorite Project Runway contestant of all time so I have great hope for this show.  I would watch him do just about anything.  This premieres tomorrow night for you America-dwellers, so watch it for me. Here is a preview:

5) This lovely photo of Mr. Charlie Chaplin and some nymphs

I miss my last chapter (which, in small detail, concerned Charlie Chaplin) and I miss warm spring weather (Manchester is being Manchester- chilly and cloudy) so this photo makes me happy.

~ by gakather on July 29, 2010.

One Response to “Wednesday Lieblings”

  1. zeke and i just watched a few of those drunk histories- very funny. i love the frederick douglass one.
    and that chaplin photograph is so lovely!

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