Tuesday Lieblings

Hello everyone! Today is a happy week, and it is a stressed week. My next panel is in early September, and this means I have about three weeks to write a chapter I have greatly neglected. The chapter is about…… um.. mermaids? and seals? and nazi architecture and historic preservation and Pennsylvania station and legs bleeding and….. fernweh….. a second coming of the holocaust in north america (but not really) – needless to say, I’m concerned.  In good news, I’ve been accepted to my second real academic conference (note- the first was in Tokyo through SCMS and bird flu meant I couldn’t go) (so this is to be my first academic conference!) It is at Exeter, it is on violence. woooooo! Now lieblings:

1) Boardwalk Owl Sheriff

I took this photo at the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ at one of it’s many arcades.  I am such a sucker for quarter vending machines, and this was the cutest one I’ve ever seen. Sadly, the prize sucked.  BUT the real prize was that when you put in a quarter, the owl spun around, sung a song, and was very owly and sheriffy.  (hard to see here, but he has a pair of handcuffs around his ankles)

2) The Huffington Post’s Funny News Frames

It’s simple, but very amusing- the Huffington post has amassed some funny-out-of-context stills from various news channels, check it out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/10/the-funniest-news-freeze_n_568372.html

3) A very cool bird ring from Percht
Once again- simple. I’ve been very into two-fingered rings these days, and this is the nicest one I’ve seen. Check it out.
4) Vicodin Ring
What? Like I said, I’m stressed- this appeals to me. Buy it here?
5) The Tee-Shirt Project Blog
This is a pretty amusing/interesting blog in which one guy goes through his massive tee-shirt collection and lets the internets decide what he should keep. POWER!  Go decide the fate of cotton here.
So thats five- five lieblings. There are many more to come, keep coming back.  Don’t be sad, it will all be back next week.

~ by gakather on July 20, 2010.

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