Lieblings (way overdue, excuses, excuses)

Oh my goodness you guys- I haven’t posted anything on this lil’ol blog o’mine ( ‘s make things better, shut up) in almost two months!  Sorry, but I have lots of (lame) excuses; I went back to the US for a month (including a trip to my ultimate lieblings – Strathmere, NJ- but I won’t write about that because I want Strathmere to stay a secret and keep it all for myself IT IS MINE, GO AWAY).  I also have just kind of been running out of lieblings- I thought there were a lot more things that I liked, but am realizing that maybe I’m a bit more boring than I thought, with a few less wonderful ideas.  Anyway, I apologize and will be back in full force from now on – so please keep reading! My blog is secretly a massive attention fiend, and will die without you.  And now, look at this cool crap:

1) My amazing friend Michelle IS PREGNANT! WITH A BABY GIRL! (sadly, not a dinosaur)

Look at these two- they’re totally going to have a baby, and it’s awesome.  I generally do not get excited about babies- they are sort of boring and make me feel old when people my age have them, and blahblahblah BUT I am super happy about Michelle’s pregnancy- I think I may be most excited that, in about 17-18 years, I can tell her daughter all about setting things on fire with her mom, and michelle’s “office”, and flaming fry kids and …. well, so very many things Michelle would probably not want me to share on this blog or with her offspring.  Also the baby has planned itself well so that I should be back in the US shortly after its arrival in this world.  Did you know that baby clothes are really small and hard as hell to embroider? They ARE.  Anyway, Michelle is going to be such a kick-ass mom.  I’m sure I will be blogging more about all this (do you mind michelle? is this weird for you? are you feeling grumpy because you can’t drink for a long time? I would be).  On a related note, I’ve been obsessed with this blog called “pacing the panic room” this week, specifically his project of photographing his wife throughout her pregnancy-  she makes being pregnant look super cool/stylish, and the text is quite touching.  You can see the full project here but here are some of my favorites:

2) Helen Mirren Naked

As photographed by everyone’s favorite Juergen Teller.  So, some of these are NSFW so I will direct you to the slide show at New York Magazine: HERE but overall it’s simple: everyone loves Helen Mirren, she looks so good, Juergen Teller is cool, etc.  Plus some of the photos are just really pretty (naked or not):

3)   This one outfit from Chanel’s newest haute couture show

I want to a) own it and b) have just the right event to wear it to.  neither of these things will happen. for a better photo, and to see more from the show, go here

4) Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Parlor

My friend Lindsay recently posted this article from the New York times on an amazing (sounding- bear in mind I’ve never been to said parlor, but desperately want to go) ice cream place called Humphry Slocombe. I personally love everything about it, including the fact that it is named after two characters from the tv show “Are You Being Served?”.  But if you know me, you know that what I love most is that the “jesus juice” flavor is a red wine and coke sorbet!!!!!!! It is like someone crawled up in my head and made me dessert.  I need to try it.

5) Scanwiches

Scanwiches is a website dedicated to recording delicious sandwiches via scanner. Simple, but fun and effective.  I love sandwiches- everyone loves sandwiches, right?  If you’re hungry, this blog is a definite pleaser, but I wouldn’t want to have to clean off the machinery.

and in response to the yummy looking website, I have an anti-lieblings in the sandwich vein:

(-) 1 ) Candwiches!

yes, this is real. no, it is not awesome.  yes, you can read more about it. here.

~ by gakather on July 13, 2010.

One Response to “Lieblings (way overdue, excuses, excuses)”

  1. Aw, thanks! And no, I don’t mind and don’t even feel particularly grumpy (though a margarita does sound very, very delicious).

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