Tuesday Lieblings

I just got back from having afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel here in Manchester- my friend Wendy and I felt that, as this school year comes to a close, we definitely needed to get around to having a real “British tea” experience.  I’ll write all about it next post though, as I’m waiting on some photos (I was too embarrassed to take any!) Right now I’m watching the British version of the home shopping network (I think the current show is called “smashing prices”) and I LOVE IT. They just compared the most hideous bargain barn grandma skirt to a Keith Haring painting!  I want this to be on in the background all the time.  Anyway on to the lieblings!

1) Ridiculous Sky Mall Products

In honor of my upcoming flight, I’m sharing the Huffington Post’s list of the most ridiculous skymall products (now, to be fair, I’ve seen sillier ones then they include)- check it out here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/27/the-most-ridiculous-skyma_n_553381.html Fortunately, I think Air France (along with the baguette basket) has a pretty swank in-flight fashion magazine for me to read instead.

2) The NEW Pierre Hardy for Gap Shoes

So, do you guys remember how I was moaning and groaning about missing out on the awesome Pierre Hardy for Gap platform sandals a few posts ago? Well, it seems that I have a chance at redemption…but not really.  Pierre Hardy has done more shoes for Gap that are now available, but I’m very on the fence about them.  They’re $110, which still seems like a lot for shoes, but I wish I had spent that last year- to be fair, I’m not sure I really even like these new ones.  All of my fav fashion bloggers seem to love them though- (Tavi Gevinson and that chick from the Clothes Horse):

So I leave it to you, dear readers, should I get these?  Are they great? Hideous? Not worth the price?  Where can I get a pair of cute giant wedge platforms that won’t kill my feet (I walk so much in Manchester that my footwear is really limited to comfy, and I’m tired of it!!) HELP!!! DOUBLE HELP!

3) The Selby is in Your Place

I’m not clear on what the selby is (a photographer?) But it’s cooler than me or you, and it’s in hip people’s places. What am I on about? Basically, this website: the selby is in your place This website is like cribs for people like me.  The people on it are apparently famous, but I’m not with it enough to know who most of them are- BUT they have amazing homes.  Some are super fancy expensive fantasy lands and some are just smart resourceful folks making gorgeous and intriguing living spaces out of not much. The photography is lovely, and going to the site is like a mini-vacation for my brain senses. You should check it.

4) Reading Rainbow (Banned Books Edition)

This is, of course, a parody, But it’s one that I, as a Reading Rainbow raised child, appreciate.  Here they are:

(embedding was disabled, boo. so click on the links)




5) The Lost Finale (NOT)

Ok, I usually reserve the lieblings for, well, lieblings.  But no more! The Lost finale sucked so very hard that I have to name it an anti-lieblings, a nicht-lieblings, KEIN LIEBLINGS (oh dear my German needs work).  I won’t put any spoilers in, but COME ONE, it was infuriating and insulting.  You know what I did like though?  The following clip- ok, not the whole clip, but the Ben Linus cameo is SO AMAZING that you must watch it all.


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