Monday-ish London-y Lieblings

Hello everyone! I spent this past Monday living out a lieblings; I finally, after living in England for over 9 months, made it to London.  I went with my friend Andrew in order to see Iggy Pop and the Stooges play the entirety of “Raw Power” (Suicide opened for them).  The show was insane, and not in the best of ways.  We were in the secondish row and as soon as Mr. Pop came on there was a massive crush of humanity against my back that knocked the wind out of me.  A friendly bouncer immediately asked me if I was going to be ok, and I bravely nodded “of course, I LOVE IGGY POP AND WANT TO TOUCH HIM” but as soon as Iggy told everyone to come up on stage with him I was buried under sweaty bodies and fearing for my life, so Andrew cleared a path and got us out of there.  I managed to take some photos though:

I’m going back to London to see Pavement this Monday, so I’ll have a special London-themed Lieblings next week where all is revealed.  This week, is of course, (American) (England had theirs in March, and yes, I did send a card) Mother’s Day, and so, appropriately enough, the lieblings:

1) Sarah Hunt (my mom)

Sorry mom….lets try a better picture:

My mom folks- without her I would be homeless and sad here in Manchester (and not have sheets or cups or silverware or ANYTHING) neither would I have half of my awesome genes, or cooking skills, or a love of “What Not to Wear” or someone to skype every other day and have awesome talks with- so Mom, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

2) This Maidenform Vintage Ad

This ad is like David Lynch got drunk with the cast of Mad Men and your grandmother’s lingerie closet.  They didn’t use protection and had this beautiful, creepy, ad-baby.

3) Diet Coke + Nail Polish

Anyone and everyone who has ever met me, or possibly even walked by me on the street (because I’m usually drinking diet coke on the street) knows I love diet coke (like, unreasonably love it).  So I was so thrilled to learn about this deal- you can go to any Boots Pharmacy stores and when you buy two bottles of diet coke, you get all four of these nail polishes free.  Dudes, I am going to own a million nail polishes!  Oh, and by the way USA’ers- Boots is an exclusively UK store- yay for me.

4) White Castle Scented Candle

You guys- this is real.  Do you understand what this means? DO YOU?

5) Bronte Sisters Action Figures

I don’t even like these books, but I wish more authors had action figures.

~ by gakather on May 10, 2010.

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