Wednesday Lieblings

Hello all!  This week has been incredibly unproductive- my dissertation is sinking fast and I don’t want to write my animal chapter (even though it is supposed to be my easiest chapter)- I’ve been watching the Wire pretty much every day and cooking a lot.  This brings us to the lieblings:

1) Shakshuka

Shakshuka (so fun to say!) is an Israeli dish consisting of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce.  I found the recipe here, on Smitten Kitchen (if you haven’t checked that website out yet, do it! It’s amazing!)  I was a bit skeptical about the dish, because it seems so simple, but it was delicious, and only took one pot to cook in! This is definitely a food I want to teach my brothers how to cook before they head off to college- a definite easy-but-pleasing-to-any-lady-friend-you-might-want-to-impress sort of dish.  I’m lucky enough to live near an amazing Turkish market/deli, so I bought the best fresh feta and delicious lavash bread to eat it with- you statesiders will probably have to make due with some pita on the side.  Also- this dish is insanely healthy! I even opted to use pam spray instead of olive oil- and that turned out just fine.  Do yourself a favor and make this, immediately (but not you mom, I want to make it for you when I get home).


How have you not experienced Hockey Bear yet?!   Hockey Bear is cramazing.  Apparently the video was submitted, but not accepted, as some Alaskan Hockey team game opener thing.  LOOK

This is even funnier if you read Adam Jacobi’s brilliant description of just what Hockey Bear does on


Let’s recap what just happened. The mascot did all of the following in rapid succession:

1. Appeared from a constellation (Ursa Major, to be precise, and folks, this is one major fucking Ursa)
Exploded in a blue nuclear shockwave that destroyed an entire planet that was probably full of nonbelievers
Flew around space to Kenny Loggins’ classic “Highway to the Danger Zone,” even though you’re not supposedto be able to hear things in space
Acquired a cosmic hockey stick from who the fuck knows where
Made its own fucking wormhole for intergalactic travel
Growled at everybody and bared its teeth
Used said cosmic hockey stick to knock a satellite into another dimension for no discernable reason
Made our moon completely explode by flying very close to it and growling again extra hard
Came to Earth in order to flatten the entire city of Anchorage with its atomic bomb powers
Ran over 300 miles to Fairbanks in about 5 seconds instead of showing remorse over the genocide it just committed
Found the one building in the entire city with electricity and tore its roof off
Jumped into said arena and wrecked the playing surface the teams were hoping to use
Made Metallica’s music play sheerly by force of will, and the good Metallica, none of this Whiskey in the Jaro shit
Went back into his own logo, which is now covered in exploding blue flames

Yeah. So we’re a little underwhelmed by big rigs, smashed logos, and AC/DC all of a sudden, Iowa. HOCKEYBEAR MURDERS ALL OF TIME AND SPACE. Step your game up, contact whoever’s responsible for this video, and turn Herky into the time-space continuum-rending nuclear badass we all know he can be. That or we’re becoming Nanook fans for life.

It gets better folks- behold, Hockey Bear 2010:

3) Buying Crap (mainly clothes) on Ebay

I have desperately wanted the above American Apparel denim pencil skirt for AGES (but in black)- it is the perfect skirt, and I’ve been searching for the perfect denim pencil skirt for years- problem was it cost 42pounds, which is A LOT.  My friend Andrew turned me on to seeking it out on ebay- and he’s created a monster.  I bought the skirt for ten dollars!  I’ve gone on to buying many clothes I want on ebay including a French Connection UK sweater- it looks sort of like this:

But with an awesome bow on the front.

The problem starts, however, with my third purchase- a romper.  Thats right folks, Katherine wants a romper- I think they’re fun and cute and I want one! (shut up haters).  I should not, however, have bought one without trying it on.  What if the crotch is a bajillion inches below my…. well, natural crotch? what if it gives me polterwang?  Anyway, I did it, and I’m excited to see what happens when it arrives in the mail. It’s also french connection, and looks like this:

But with sleeves.  So far, I’ve only spent 25 pounds- and I have my eye on some J.Crew shirt dresses and more American Apparel stuff (you can buy their tri-blend tshirts in bulk!  and THAT brings me to the next lieblings:

4) American Apparel’s Tri-Blend Deep V T-shirt.

I know, I know- 22 dollars seems like a lot for a t-shirt- but this is the BEST t-shirt ever!  It is soft, like your bestest most worn out favorite thrift store tee that you’ve worn for five years to make it just right- and it doesn’t stretch out, and it goes with everything.  Seriously, I need to go buy more because I’m washing the one I just bought every other day almost.  Blah blah American Apparel is lame and bad cakes- say what you will, I love it. It looks good on guys too:

This is the color I have now (my all time favorite for t-shirts):

5) A Pug Pushing A Stroller

I once thought what you thought- a pug pushing a stroller is STUPID.  I don’t even like pugs myself.  Something about this video, however, cheers me up and makes me clap my hands together like a kid who is really into machines riding a tractor.


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