Lieblings are BACK

So, I’ve been lazy with my blogging, I apologize.  Sometimes the world is less full of awesome things than other times.  Sometimes Katherine is more self-absorbed and forgetful than others.  These times have come, and now, they will (hopefully) retreat into a foaming wave of dancing ponies and good recipes.  (or at least psychedelic  cat food commercials). Speaking of which…..

1) The Friskies Cat Food “Adventure Land” Commercial

When feeding my cats I feel many feelings: terror, annoyance, shock at their unadulterated passion for, and addiction to, wet food.  I never feel, as the spokeswoman for this commercial states, “culinary ecstasy” or the desire to imagine how my cats are feeling at the time.  If you, however, wonder this- then check out this truly amazing commercial:

even funnier is the Awl’s liveblogging of said ad- check it out:

2) Maria Bamford’s One Hour Homemade Christmas Show

Now stop right there- I know what you’re thinking (I thought it too): “one WHOLE HOUR??” “you want me to devote an hour of my life to watching a woman sit on her couch and talk to me about comedy and make weird noises?” YES I DO.  This hour is an investment- and investment in your well-being.  It will cheer you up and then you will be more productive with the other 23 hours of your day.  Check it out on vimeo here. TRUST ME.

3) Lochers

You know I love embroidery, and I always want to use this skill in my clothing more.  I just don’t want little ducks and rabbits and goofy grandma flowers all over my clothes- and this is why I completely adore the Paris-centered boutique “Lochers”.  (Check out their website here)  They take nice shirts and put the best embroidery on it- if I had more money to throw at things (I’m also looking at you, American Apparel denim pencil skirt) then I would buy so much of their stuff! But I don’t, so I’m trying to think of my own dirty phrases  to place on vintage shirts.  Check out some of theirs:

This one says “just good boys get presents” on the back

This says “no time to fuck”

And this one says “petite salope” (you can translate that for yourself)

Anyway, go check out their stuff, buy some for me.

4) The Oliver People’s Campaign with Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson

I already posted this on facebook, but I cannot stress it enough people: I want my life to look more like this. Desperately.  I think the theme of this week’s blog is quickly becoming “Katherine needs more money in order to be frivolous and look cool and wear nice things”.  Anyway, this is an eyewear campaign starring Shirley Manson (look at her coming back and looking *good*!) and Elijah Wood.  Here is the video:

Now doesn’t that make you just want to drink some champagne in a pool?  Maybe I can attempt to recreate it in the tub with some Stella Artois…… nope.

5) The Koffee Pot

The Koffee Pot is a cafe in Manchester- Grant and I went there when he visited.  He wanted to try out a full English breakfast (and also visit the record shop again) (and again) – anyway, I was quite pleased with this place- it was a bit ultra-hipstery (at least clientele wise) but the food was cheap, filling, and pretty good- the coffee was good, and the atmosphere- well, lets just say they had a poster from Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill, so it made me feel comforted and at home.  Here are some pics:

Grant had the regular breakfast, which consisted of fried eggs, baked beans, tomatoes, hash browns, bacon, sausage, and blood pudding.  I had the veggie brekkie because I didn’t want to try blood pudding- that came with the eggs, hash browns, and beans, but also mushrooms and quorn sausage.  We also got (my favorite) a heaping plate of white toast. mmm, white toast.  I can’t find any photos of the food (and Grant refused to bring his camera anywhere) so this is sort of what it looked like, except this doesn’t have any eggs and there is spam instead.


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