Monday Lieblings

Soon it will be my birthday, and I cannot wait to share all the fun photos and times that will occur during the official three days I have set aside to celebrate myself reaching the age I consider “old”. My number one lieblings for this week is really my “I hate Thomas Hart Benton Party” that is happening on the 12th- many thanks go out to awesome Andrew Hennlich for putting it together.

1) My Party/The Cake for My Party

I saw this cake a long time ago on a blog called “Whisk Kid” and I’ve been dying to make it.  So pretty! Here’s hoping I can pull it off (also here’s hoping I can find cake cones in the UK in order to make cupcake cones as well)

2) Things I love (because I want them for my birthday)

Banana Republic’s “Classic” perfume: Technically I think this is only for guys, but I love it so hard.  I have bad taste in perfume/bad luck with perfume (I spent my adolescence coveting CK1 and my favorite scent of all time went out of production about 5 years ago) (and I’m getting tired of Daisy, and I think that, although I love it, if I wear Demeter’s “gin and tonic” perfume I’ll smell like more of a lush than I am).  So here’s hoping this one does the trick.

Doc Marten boots.  They’re cool, enough said.

Green Tea Kit Kats.  I had these once, they were amazing and now I can’t remember how I got them.  I still haven’t been able to find out how to get more- I think they were a limited edition in Japan thing. boo.

3) What’s Inside Brian Dennehy? (Science of Sarah)

My cousin Sarah (if you’re familiar with my blog you’re familiar with her stand-up) made this video- it will answer all of your burning Dennehy-related anatomy questions.

4) Dancing Show Tune Ponies

I’m going to add very little input on this one- except that yes, it IS live action.

5) Roger Ebert makes everyone feel feelings

Gawker just had an interesting article about Roger Ebert’s interview on Opera- it was quite amusing and heartfelt.

6) Completing my First Panel

yes! there is a #6 this week, and it’s because I didn’t want to brag in the official top 5, but I just had my first panel meeting and it went incredibly well. Here are some pictures of the celebration afterwards: (courtesy of Wendy)

Bonus Video:
it’s sort of stupid, directed by the Tim and Eric guy,but I liked it ok:
embedding was disabled, but check it out here:

~ by gakather on March 8, 2010.

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