Monday Lieblings

This week has been (well, it has been short seeing as it’s only Tuesday) full of frantic last minute- writing for my panel work.  This Thursday I have to turn everything in, and then I just have to wait a week to have my actual panel.  So this is why you’re getting a Tuesday Lieblings- I’m behind.

1) Third and Delaware

Third and Delaware is a tumblr blog dedicated to sharing delightful fashion selections from the popular tv sitcom “Roseanne” with the world. It is truly one of the better (and lets admit it, one of the only good ones at all) theme-tumblrs I’ve seen.  The concept is funny, and the snappy writing makes it worth reading all the way through.  Check it out-

2) This Sunken Kitchen House:

So I realize this post is making fun of this apartment (and hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good curling reference, am I   right?) But I really really like this place! I mean, it’s very Le Corbusier-esque in its efficient yet somewhat stylish compactness.  And you get a little fort for a bed!

Maybe I’m getting a little too used to spending all of my time in a single, small room…….. Anyway, the blog this is from is pretty amusing- Lovely Listings – I like to look at it and cheer myself up about my current living situation.  It could always be worse.

3) The Tomato Method of Efficiency!

So my friend Tammi introduced me to this thing called the Pomodoro method- basically you time yourself- and get work done! You work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break and start working again.  I have no idea why, but this really, really works for me.  I figure out how many tomatoes I think I need to do, then do them.  (two tomatoes would be an hours worth of work, etc).  To make it easy, you can go to – the website is free to register for, and then it actually keeps track of all the stuff you accomplish, so eventually you amass quite the productivity journal.  It makes me feel a lot better to look back at a week and concretely see what I’ve accomplished.  For example (and this was an off day, thus the cheating) here is one of my days, as logged at the website:

thursday 18. feb 4 finished tomatoes

  • 15:47 – 16:13 did some more proposal work, got sick of that, went back to virgule paper, got sick of that, cheated and went on
  • 15:14 – 15:39 Finished (roughly) virgule paper, started on proposal, yechh
  • 14:37 – 15:03 Kept trucking on Virgule Paper
  • 14:07 – 14:32 Tried to work through the becoming section of Virgule paper- yechh
Dudes, I know it sounds silly, but you should seriously try this if you need to get some work done.
4) Crazy Japanese Mini-Bride Wedding Photo Craze!
I don’t know much about what’s going on here, but I do know one thing- I totally want ALL photos of my wedding done in this style.  It is cramazing, cramazing so hard.
I mean, what bride *doesn’t* want to play a central role in her husband-to-be’s creepy and problematic Thumbellina fetish? Am I right?
5) Martha Stewart Poll Dancing
Oh how I hate “stripaerobics” – but as is well documented I love Martha Stewart- so I was torn about this video, until I realized that Ms. Crazy-Eyes McObnoxiousButt here, by teaching Martha Stewart how to strippercise, is tolling her own death knell- the Martha Stewart show is where trends go to die.
Bonus Lieblings:  So I didn’t think that an old spice commercial deserved its own slot in my top 5 of the week, but I really love it, and Grant and I keep talking about it, so here you go:

~ by gakather on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Monday Lieblings”

  1. I’ve bought and am wearing Old Spice now just so I can always be thinking of that commercial – I love it.

  2. […] the really bad Japanese wedding photos I posted about awhile ago?  Well these photos, from Russia, have them beat (if not on the […]

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