VDAY / Monday Lieblings

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and despite the fact that my valentine was in another country, all the way across the Atlantic, I had a pretty romantic date night with him.  Basically, we both bought some wine, made the same meal, bought each other chocolates (but really just bought them for ourselves, and then pretended the other had bought them….) and exchanged technological media gifts. (Grant made me songs, I made him a video featuring parts of Manchester I like- but it is cheesy and lame and will not be shown here).

If the images above don’t load, you can just click on them individually to see the dinner.  Ok, on to the lieblings:

1) Tavi Gevinson

Tavi here is a thirteen year old fashion blogger.  She is often described using words like “precocious” or “incorrigible”- two adjectives I enjoy and feel are not used enough.  Her blog is called Style Rookie and Gawker just had a small story on her you can read here.  Basically she started blogging at age 11, and became super-famous within the fashion world and told her parents she had a blog via asking if she could go do an interview and photo shoot for the New York Times and is Rodarte’s muse, etc.   Pretty cool, but I’m most jealous of her for this photo:

and she just caused a big stink at fashion week for wearing this to a Dior show:

and look at this sweet ensemble:

did you see those shoes! cramazing.

I’m mainly throwing her up as a lieblings today because she is right on board with my current obsession:

2) Gray Hair

Blah blah blah Kate Moss started this blah- I don’t care, I really am loving the whole gray hair thing- in fact, I am very seriously considering finally cutting my hair and dying it gray (it’s already a quarter/a third of the way gray naturally, why not go with it?) Of course, I realize that it will probably age me horridly- a thirteen year old can pull it off because, well, SHE’S THIRTEEN.  But don’t you think it looks pretty?

and sometimes I think it would be awesome to not cut my hair (so as to make it big and poofy and ridiculous) go back to blonde, but add in some gray- behold:

3) DJ Roomba

This was on the most recent episode of parks and recreation- I’m currently loving on Aziz Ansari anyway, and I find any joke about a roomba to be SO FUNNY- you know how, like, banana peels were the universal indicator of humor in the 1940s as were rubber chickens in the 70s/80s? Well for me, the roomba is like that.  (Buster and the roomba in arrested development anyone??…. How about you Wendy? oh wait, you don’t like it.. wah wah.)

4) Elvis Costello teams up with the Beastie Boys

One of my favorite musical video moments is when Elvis Costello decided to rebel against Lorne Michaels and the ‘system’ and play Radio Radio on SNL- but I can’t find that clip, so watch this one in which it is mocked and made irrelevant in a sadish way:

5) Cute Things Falling Asleep

Yep, that’s all this website is. Cute things falling asleep, and then being rated on both a cuteness scale and a sleepiness scale.  I know it sounds silly- that’s because it is, but watching these videos really will make you happy (except the human baby ones, those are stupid).


~ by gakather on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “VDAY / Monday Lieblings”

  1. No to gray hair (it’ll happen soon enough). Yes to sleeping kitties. No to sleeping hamsters – too many unidentifiable gross body parts. And hey, why not to a giant bow on top of your head – takes the eye away from the dismal gray hair.

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