Back to your regularly scheduled Monday Lieblings

I’ve been on vacation (as you know) and have finally returned to Manchester, so I fully plan on having the Monday Lieblings every week- and on Mondays at that!  As far as the “dissertating” portion of this blog, I just turned in my first chapter to my advisor and met with her about it- the meeting went well!  No chapter written in under a month is going to be perfect, but I was surprised with how much positive feedback there was, and ultimately how little there is to change. (main complaint: I was too mean to Brigitte Bardot) (which I really agree with).  My very first official panel is March 10th (one day before my birthday- so that should be fun). I did just learn that the schedule is not 6 semesters, but actually three whole years, which means I will be done quite a few months later than I originally thought, but I’m prepared.   Now onto the interesting bits:

1) Cat Armor (and mouse armor)

Remember how, a few weeks back, I talked about Japanese cat fashion- in which you and your cat could wear matching high-fashion clothing? Well what if your cat isn’t a wuss who likes to wear pretty florals and matching headbands? What if your cat is a true badass? Well, fear not! Jeff do Boer has made CAT ARMOR.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS!:

Not to fret though- there will be a fair fight; he’s made mouse armor too:

2) The Hans Liberg Shack by Thomas Mayer

I don’t work well from home, and going to a coffee shop every day gets super expensive- plus I love me a good small space and pretty architecture…. what to do?  THIS- this little shack from architect Thomas Mayer is beautiful- I love the view from the windows, and how the logs juxtapose with the modern interior.  I really, desperately, want a work space like this.

You can see many more photos here.  Someone, please make me one.

3) Tweeting Old Ladies

This news clip is about a system called celery, which allows you to fax in your tweets (written by hand on paper) and they put it on twitter- cute! But the real kicker comes at the end, where the cute old woman explains that she wants to use technology for the very same reasons the younger generation does: to avoid talking to your family. (side note: I LOVE talking with my parents on skype)

4) Machotaildrop (the trailer at least)

Yes, it looks like it could be a bad Wes Anderson on hallucinogenic drugs sort of crapfest -quirky to be quirky and thus a loathsome, irksome mess (I’m looking at you “Gigantic”) But something about this trailer makes me so excited.  I’m in love with it- I cannot wait to see this movie, and until that day comes I will watch the trailer continuously.  The line “Do you need to be touching my horse?” kills me, and that Blair Stanley guy is hot.

5) La Photocabine

I love photo booths + most things French are cool = I like this website, La Photocabine.  Here is the only problem: I can’t get it to work! I’ve been holding on to this little lieblings for a long time, because why put something on here that doesn’t actually work? This is why: surely someone out there knows what I’m doing wrong and can help me take some online photos. Please help!

~ by gakather on February 8, 2010.

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