Monday Lieblings, St. Louis Edition, Part 1

I miss St. Louis a lot in my everyday life, and am thrilled to be back for Christmas break- I’m also thrilled that Grant has come to town. On with the lieblings!

1) My parent’s farm

My parents live on a farm (complete with a graveyard in which their town’s founder (Robert Elsberry) is buried) and raise beef cattle and, more recently, Scottish Highland cattle (coos). It hasn’t been snowy enough to go sledding, which is sad because they have awesome sledding hills, but Grant and I visited with the cows instead.

Grant was too scared to get any closer than this.

2) Quiktrip

Quiktrip is a gas station/convenience store in the St. Louis area that I frequented often during my highschool/undergrad years.  I mean, it’s just a gas station, but I love it- so much in fact, that it was the first place I stopped after getting off the plane from Manchester- I needed my 32 oz diet mountain dew with cherry syrup and hotdog!  Yesterday I made Grant stop there to get the full Missouri experience:

He ended up choosing the diet dr. pepper with vanilla syrup.

diet mountain dew with cherry syrup all the way.

The secret of why Quiktrip’s hotdogs are so good lies in their bun-warmer trays:

Grant was less than impressed.

3) The Arch

You have to go to the arch when you’re in St. Louis! (disclaimer: you DO NOT have to go the arch, it is, in fact, sort of boring- but it’s fun to do in an ironic sort of way when someone who has never been to Missouri comes to town)

The best part of going to the arch, by far, is the teeny tiny modernist pods that take you up to the top.

The top is ok, about what you’d expect:

The second best part of the arch experience is the Museum of Westward Expansion(!) – this year they’ve added in some fancy animatronic people:

Red Cloud was a MAJOR downer.

Grant made a friend


4) The City Museum

They City Museum is not really a museum…. it’s pretty much uncategorizable/indescribable unless you go there for yourself. But you SHOULD- it’s amazing and one of my favorite places in the world. I’m just going to show you some photos from Grant and I’s trip there:

PLUS the city museum now has a pretty great thrift store on the 4th floor- Grant found a few good shirts there:

5) Crown Candy Kitchen

Crown Candy Kitchen is an amazing little diner/ice cream shop in a not-so-good part of St. Louis.  They make all of their own ice cream and hot fudge sauce, and their lunch items are pretty good too- check out the “heart stopping BLT”:

I always get the hot fudge sundae with black cherry ice cream, newport style: (but the malts are really good too- and what they’re known for)


~ by gakather on December 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Monday Lieblings, St. Louis Edition, Part 1”

  1. Katherine

    What kind of farm do your folks have? Do the livestock receive hormones or are they raised naturally? Do you guys have veggies? I’ve been really interested in learning more about farming along with trying to eat locally and fresh.

    Looks like you are having some good times while back here.

    Ed Smith

  2. Our cattle are 100% vegans and do not get hormone shots. If you consider being raised by a farmer born in the Bronx as being “natural”, then yes they are raised naturally. ;-). On a serious note, there is no comparison between the taste of your “own grown” food and store bought.

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