Monday Lieblings (Back in the US(SR) edition)

So I’m back in the states, suffering terrible jet lag/cat alleriges/fits of ecstatic cookie baking- here are your lieblings:

1)Urban Camouflage

This is a project started in 2007 by Sabina Keric and Yvonne Bayer- basically they go into Ikeas and hide. You can see many, many more photos and even videos here. I highly recommend spending some time looking through everything-I think it’s really funny, but I’m easily entertained.  If you want a more……. well, lo-brow version, check this out:

2) Beautiful Libraries (and lists)

Whatever the website oddee is, they have a pretty satisfying list of the 20 most beautiful libraries in the world- check it out here.

3) The Big-Eye Needle

Dear Woo-Moon Hyung, thanks dude- now I can embroider for the rest of my life with the chances of going blind (mainly from becoming frustrated by threading a needle and then stabbing said needle IN MY EYE) greatly diminished.  Check out more about it here.

4) 1930s Dog Movies
This is from the Dogway Melody circa 1930- why yes, my brain and I are both on vacation thank you very much.
5) Invisible/Mirror Shoes
According to Pipeline these shoes look “as comfortable as the inside of Steve Buscemi’s mouth”- but you know what? a) I totally aced the Hell trivia night round based on Steve Buscemi and b) these shoes look really cool. That’s it.  (Andreia Chaves designed these by the way)


~ by gakather on December 15, 2009.

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