Monday Lieblings

1) Arlo Weiner

Arlo Weiner is the son of Madmen creator Matt Weiner, and at eight, he’s also GQ’s youngest-ever style correspondent.  I don’t know if a) I want to secretly hope and pray that if I ever have a child (and if I do, it will be male seeing as how Diane and I have a baby-gender-swap-plan) he will have fashion sense like this and it will be awesome or b) I sort of want to slap precocious little Arlo in his well-styled face. It’s a toss up! You can see slide shows of Arlo’s fashion advice here and here.  Here are some of my favorite outfits:

You know, if Wes Anderson ever re-made “Oliver!” This is what all the orphans would look like.

Who am I kidding? I heart Arlo, I wouldn’t punch him. All I want is to be the producer of a smart but cutting-edge buddy comedy in which Arlo Weiner and this woman:

(Iris Apfel: Exotic Bird of Fashion) get involved in crazy adventures together.  Preferably adventures involving cute animals and Kim Deal.

2) The Neiman Marcus….. Cup-Cake Mobile?

You know, for that person on your holiday gift list that longs to combine their culinary passion with… looking like a complete ass.  This really is for sale at Neiman Marcus- if you have a spare 25,000 dollars check it out here.  If you think that price is a bit steep, remember “Yours will be tricked out with your favorite topping, so start thinking flavors!”

3) The Smitten Kitchen

I’ve been in the depths of “I’m leaving the country for two months and so I have to eat everything that I have left in the cupboard and not buy new groceries even if that means eating nothing but veggie burgers THREE TIMES A DAY” doldrums- and they are only made one gagilionzillion times worse by scrolling through the amazing flood blog “Smitten Kitchen” all day long.  Even if you don’t like cooking you should check this blog out for the beyond-beautiful food porn pics it contains.  But if you do cook, go there immediately- I cannot wait to get to my parent’s kitchen and go crazy with all the awesome recipes I want to try.  This blog also has me looking forward to the day I register for wedding gifts- can we say amazing kitchen gadgets time?  I think, however, the absolute BEST part of this blog is that its author shares my love of blending up teddy grahams for crust:

You can check out the entire flickr stream dedicated to the delight that is a chocolate teddy graham massacre here.

4) The AV Club’s article about the Beach Boy’s oddest songs

Who doesn’t enjoy the Beach Boys? I love ’em and so do you.  Check out this amusing article from the AV club on some of the lesser-known Beach Boys singles- I mean, did you know they co-wrote a song with Charles Manson? DID YOU?!  Click here for amazement.

5) Being able to watch all of Manu’s Spleen!

This is an Identity Web

You all know I am obsessed to an ecstatic degree with Rosemarie Trockel.  Ever since I started  studying/writing about her, I desperately tried to find a way to see a film series she made entitled “Manu’s Spleen” (well, not film- short videos). I googled it for the five thousandth time a few nights ago, and low and behold! I found it! Apparently Trockel works or did work at an ad agency to some degree, and they have a bunch of short videos she made- all of Manu’s Spleen and even an ad she did for Absolut Vodka (who named her artist of the millennium). Check it all out right here:

Finally, this was an emotional week for my family and I; my 16 year old brother Benton fell asleep driving home late from school two nights ago and so:

6) That my brother Benton is not dead

My parents said that judging by the car he really should have been dead, or at least lost his legs- but he’s absolutely a-ok! Just a bit bumped and bruised- yay for wearing seat belts Benton- I hope you feel better soon.  Here’s what is left of the very much totaled car:


~ by gakather on December 7, 2009.

One Response to “Monday Lieblings”

  1. Appreciate the Benton comments – things could have been oh so much worse!!

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