One Week!

So I only have one week to go before I head back to the states, and Manchester is certainly making my departure easy.  In the past week there has been an odd string of my friends and I being threatened in the streets and having things thrown at us- maybe it’s the time of year, who knows?  On the plus side- Manchester has an awesome German christmas market downtown that I went to last night- so much fun!

Giant bratwurst, lots of mulled wine (including the “christmas punch” that had the mulled wine, mint, tea, and rum in it- Wendy and I both agreed we wanted to smell like it ALL THE TIME), Dutch donuts, Flammkuchen, etc, etc.

There was even a pfand system in play, so it felt a lot like being in Stuttgart again. Wendy and I had some suggestive snacks:

and this is for my mom, who collects these candle/windmill things:

Also, here’s a little plug for my awesome fiancee’s blog- he just did a big round-up of the decade’s best albums, but more importantly he has a pretty amazing blooper reel of Siskel and Ebert trying to film some promos- very funny.  Check it out here:

(Grant was trying to cheer me up with magazine cut-outs when I was sick a few days ago)

~ by gakather on December 4, 2009.

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