Monday Lieblings

1) Macaroons

Ok, I have never actually eaten a macaroon, but I’ve being seeing them everywhere lately (pictures that is, if anyone knows where I can buy these in Manchester, let me know immediately) I have no idea how you make them either- is it hard? All I know is that they look gorgeous and delicious and perfect.  I want to surround myself with plates of them, towers of them, rainbow-stacked boxes of them. They just seem so pretty and elegant and decadent- very SC’s Marie Antoinette.

I’ve been doing google-image searches for them all day- Macaroon porn people:

So, if anyone out there feels like making me the happiest girl in the world, jump on over to Paulette’s website and order me some Macaroons. (Macarons?)

2) Lists of Cool Guys

Jezebel just put out a list of the sexiest “vintage” men out there- check it out:

I definitely agree with Serge Gainsbourg and Yves Saint Laurent, but here is who I think should have also been included:

Malcolm McDowell

David Byrne

Steve McQueen

Devendra Banhart

Matthew Barney

Burt Reynolds

Peter O’Toole


Jacques Dutronc

Santino Rice.

Ok, I realize I may have, out of all these guys, to defend Santino the most- I don’t care if he’s an unpopular choice- he was the best Project Runway contestant EVER, and to this day I have dreams that involve him. His voice is particularly sexy, as is his awesome sense of humor and song-singing:

And, unfortunately, embedding is disabled, but go here to relive Santino’s epic story of Tim Gunn and Andre getting into a fight at Red Lobster.

also, Santino wrote, played, and sang his own runway song for the Project Runway finale: (please excuse the lame graphics)

also Santino introduced me to this guy’s music, which I guiltily love

Mickey Avalon

and last but not least:

ok, bad picture, lets try this again:

Grant Bollmer

So what do you guys think about THAT list? Who would you add? I want to know!

3) How to Steal a Million

Art! Museums! Fashion! and of course, Peter O’ Toole- this movie is darling- yes, it’s very…shallow, but in a delightful way.  It’s just so much fun to watch, I need to get a copy on DVD soon. Here’s the trailer:

and some photos:

4) Strathmere NJ Webcam

Everyone knows I love Strathmere- it is my favorite place in the entire world, no joke.  So it made me very happy (especially when I’m sitting here in cold rainy Manchester) to be able to watch Strathmere in real time on a webcam. Check it out.

5) Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck’s new video, “Heaven Can Wait”

you already know Beck is on my list (above) and if I made one of girls, Charlotte Gainsbourg would be right at the top of it- and now, they’ve collaborated on an album- awesome.  I really like this video, it could have been lame but is subtle enough to be interesting.

There you have it, an early Monday Lieblings.  And remember:


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One Response to “Monday Lieblings”

  1. I hadn’t checked this in a few weeks, I am behind. French macaroons are THE BEST like my favorite cookies EVER. I imagine they are extremely hard to make. Scarily, STARBUCKS just announced that they are carrying them (I know). Serious Eats, my go-to-guide for all things edible, did a review and said that they were mediocre, especially if you’ve had the macaroons at Lauderee in Paris (I have, and you should go to Paris just to eat them). I’m not really sure how they are made, but the cookie part is very crumbly and delicate, and the inner part has to be just the right amount of dense and delicious. The best macaroons I’ve had in the states are at Le Maison du Chocolat in NYC. I don’t know if you can order them. Also, good macaroons are expensive, but WORTH IT.

    So you’re back in like a week? What’s the December schedule? Time has gone way way way fast i am sure you are excited to be returning to Hamurrica for a few months! Congrats on getting published also. I hope She Who Shall Not Be Named breaks her ankle and busts her face. Also, glad your brother is okay.

    That is all.

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