Published! Peanuts!

Ok, how do I get excited about this without sounding like Braggy McPretentious-douche III? I will be (in about 6-8 weeks) a published author! My thesis is being turned into a book by a German publishing company and I just received the official notice that it’s in the actual publishing production process step type thing.  I’m getting my free copy in about 6-8 weeks so thats when I assume it will be available, so if any of you need to know more about 15th century German cloister worship you will have a new and shining resource.  On a side note, as most of you know this is particularly meaningful since UNC wanted to fail me on this thesis and not let me graduate- that was largely malice on a certain person’s part that got fixed, but it is going to be so sweet to send a certain someone a copy of this (with all reference to her name or participation (or lack thereof) removed).  Enough bitterness! Want to see what it looks like?

Thanks to Wendy for my sweet author photo.  I think the money from this (yes, they pay me!)is going straight to a swank Berlin/Leipzig trip- anyone want to come?

On a different note, here is a new video from my always-awesome cousin Sarah:

~ by gakather on November 20, 2009.

One Response to “Published! Peanuts!”

  1. whew—no references to mom and dad. it was funny!!!!!

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