Monday Lieblings

So the Fall show was awesome, I should have some videos and photos soon (Zeke was kind enough to take them for me). Now on to the lieblings!

1) “I Don’t Care” as performed by Mitzi Gaynor

It has cats! Fire! Feathered head butts! Drag-queen suffragettes! And who doesn’t have life moments when this song should really be their theme song. I turned in a less that stellar proposal to my advisor today and will celebrate by going out to a pub- I don’t care!

2) “Yo Gabba Gabba” by way of Brad Pitt

Thats right folks, Brad Pitt dressed up as DJ Lance Rock. (Ok, fine- I guess some of you don’t know who that is)

DJ Lance Rock is, of course, the host type figure on “Yo Gabba Gabba!” This show is getting played out by now, but I’ve found it endearing for a long time. ….sadly with his gross beard scruff Pitt looks more like he was trying to dress up like DJ Lance Rock’s good pal Jack Black instead:

Have you ever seen RuPaul not in drag? I like to think that he looks like DJ Lance Rock’s cool father. Behold:

Anyway, Yo Gabba Gabba! Has many redeeming qualities. Firstly, your children receive state of the art beat-boxing lessons.

They can learn to eat only anthropomorphized food (or as Grant cackle-ingly refers to it “anthropomorfood):

I really like when Elijah Wood was on the show, but can’t find a clip of it- plus anything that Amy Sedaris connects herself with is good in my book.

Check out her role as the toothfairy here.

And finally, stupid as it is, this always cheers me up:

3) Meat Candy

No, not that kind- this kind:

Andrew sent me this link about the growing popularity of meat infused (flavored?) (ruined?) candy.  I like this concept, it reminds me of my famous bacon maple chocolate chip cookies (recipe courtesy of Tammi):

I’m definitely going to go whip up some bacon rice krispie treats later on.

4) Japanese Cat Fashion (I’m not talking Hello Kitty here)


It turns out that Japanese fashion house United Bamboo has launched their first line of matching human/cat fashion.  Is it wrong that I sort of want to dress Gracie up like me? Plus I think the outfit above is really cute. I’d wear it.




5) McSweeney’s


A highly amusing website – here are two of my most recent favorites:


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