Monday Lieblings


1) Red Dwarf

Now, I realize most of you know about this show, and yes it might be old news- but Red Dwarf is NEVER old news- I can watch it over and over again, and have been watching it almost my entire life.  When I was very young I remember my parents would send me to bed when it came on Sunday evenings so that they could watch it, and deem it “inappropriate” for me.  So of course I started sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to watch it.  When it came out on DVD I was right there to buy it- but only have the first two seasons, which I’ve been watching here in Manchester (I don’t have a tv or internet access at home, so my DVDs are getting a lot of action.)

Anyway- I watched some special features last night- and did you know that Red Dwarf is endorsed by Patrick Stewart, Stephen Hawking, AND Daleks?  (that is, by the way, pretty much Diane’s fantasy I think….. those two guys in a room…. with Daleks? How do you feel about Daleks Diane?) I really wish I could have found Stephen Hawking’s interview on youtube- it was great.  It turns out that Grant and Stephen Hawking have the same favorite episode. (One I haven’t seen by the way- LAME) Lets look at some clips:



Keep in mind that character has descended from cats


2) Brigitte Bardot

So the first chapter of my dissertation is currently titled BB/BB (or B/B) – which stands for, of course, Brigitte Bardot and Bertolt Brecht. Trockel does a lot of interesting work where she combines these two figures in various ways (think a wonked-out version of Mother Courage starring Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy) So for the past week I’ve gotten to do a lot of research on Brigitte- and while I really don’t think I like her as a person in any sense, I love that I get to troll through youtube clips of her for “research”.





Did you know that Ms. Bardot has been arrested several times for inciting hate speech? yep. Also Godard liked to spread around the myth that until she was 18, she thought that mice laid eggs.  There is something to that, and I plan to write all about it.

I need to watch “And God Created Woman” now, as well as “Contempt”- if anyone owns either of those, let me know.

3) The Cult of UHF Podcast

This is a pretty great podcast that puts up free, full-length B movies.  (Think of everything you’ve ever seen on MST3K, but without the funny commentary).  I just finished watching “White Zombie” and look forward to seeing “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”- they have a ton of movies though, whatever your B movie taste may be. (BB, HA!)

4) Erik de Nijs’s Furniture Luggage

The Dutch have good design sensibilities, what can I say? Check out this sweet luggage/furniture combo here. It sure would make spending the night in Heathrow a lot more enjoyable (or at least fashionable)

5) Green Porno

No this isn’t some trendy movement towards saving the planet through making energy-efficient dirty movies (wacka wacka), it’s the always amazing Isabella Rossellini’s Sundance Channel Project in which she (in a beautiful series of lo-fi, papercraft shorts) attempts to educate the world about insect sex. It’s currently in its third season, and I love it almost as much as I love this clip of Rossellini:

this is my favorite Green Porno episode:

and some other goodies:



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