Bacon Crisps are My Friend and I’m engaged to an ABD

First off, the result of the cliffhanger lieblings featuring Grant: He passed! (Of course) and now he actually gets to start writing his dissertation- a process I started *ages* ago. Yay Grant:

Yeah, I’m a nerd who just discovered screen grab- this is Grant talking about his defense, which apparently was a DEFENSE- meaning he argued hard.  He made Larry Grossberg happy and I guess that is what counts.

In other news: bacon crisps are AWESOME.  England has many odd crisp flavors (bloody mary, prawn cocktail, etc) last night I tried grilled steak crisps, which were disgusting (tasted like 10 packets of beef ramen flavoring dumped on pringles) but today I tried bacon crisps- and wow. I will be bringing home many bags of them when I come back to the states for Christmas.

(Still no camera, taken from my mirror-image making mac)

Finally, in show news, I just secured (thanks again, Andrew) tickets for the Fall- super exciting. I’ll be seeing them the 11th and will be sure to write all about it.

Also, I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts of the Blackpool Illuminations- they had a Dr. Who themed light area with a big movie screen showing…..

Thats right, just the dvd menu- that was it- no clips or photos, just the repeating DVD menu on a giant screen.


~ by gakather on November 3, 2009.

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