Monday Lieblings- “Oh Dear God, Blackpool!” edition

This is where I spent my Halloween- the Blackpool Illuminations, and there is really no good way of describing it- cramazing doesn’t work – it was a bit reminiscent of Wildwood, NJ crossed with Hunter S. Thompson’s worst/best mescaline trip….but that doesn’t really work either- I think Andrew said it best when he deemed it “retardedly ambitious” (or was it “ambitiously retarded”?) either way, you get the idea.  So- it goes without saying:

1) Blackpool Illuminations

As well you know by now, I have no camera here in Manchester, so none of these pictures are my own.  So, what are the Blackpool Illuminations? Well, you can check out the wikipeida page which informs you that it started in 1879, and is basically just miles and miles of lights in the seaside town of Blackpool.  Unless you have been there, however, I don’t think you can quite understand what it is.  Andrew, Rey, and I plan to make this the new #1 ironic vacation spot for trustfund hipsters- so be on the look out for a direct flight to Blackpool from Williamsburg.  This will work for many reasons, one of which is that the air in Blackpool is basically fried- you get out of your car and BAM you can’t breath without being pretty sure that your alveoli are developing a greasy, salty coating- the fried air comes, of course, from all the take away, chippy, kebab, fried food of all sorts places to be found every few feet- SO since the hipster paunch is the cool new thing (according to this New York times article) one of the many benefits of blackpool to the demographic will be an ability to increase their paunch.  Anyway, Blackpool, hooray- I played skee ball, I avoided the blood pudding burger, I learned that Blackpool rock is not what you think it is. Lets look at some photos:

There were over a dozen of these larger-than-life Tiffany lamp replicas


and this is what I ate at Blackpool:

Well, something similar, my fish and chips weren’t so…. colorful- more of a gray/green/brown palette – so yes, I had my first ever fish and chips, which apparently can come with mushy peas- which mine did- yep, those are just peas….that are mushed…..mmm?

2)  The Veggie Cafe

So, this is the closest I get to affordable healthy Durham-esque eating here in Manchester.   It’s a vegetarian cafe on campus that I really enjoy.  I just leave the building my office is in:

walk behind these buildings:

and bam, delicious healthy lunch for under 3 pounds.  I usually get the soup of the day and their soda bread- awesome. (My favorite soup so far has been lentil, lemon, and spinach).  I also really like (and I am a huge carrot cake snob folks) their carrot cake- when I need a pick-me-up in the late afternoon this is what keeps me going:

I might just go get some as soon as I’m done typing this.

3) My advisor, Carol Mavor

Sorry, I couldn’t help the second picture, I just read an article where someone described Carol as “looking something like Crystal Tips, of Crystal Tips & Alistair fame, with the voice of an Americanised Julie Burchill” and I didn’t know that Crystal Tips and Alistair was a cartoon:

I will comment no further on the resemblance.  Anyway, I just had my first “real” dissertation meeting with her, and it went….. well.  I hadn’t slept and didn’t really know what in the world I wanted to do with Trockel, and I kept repeating “becoming! BECOMING!) at her- but it ended well and I was reminded of why I followed this woman across the ocean- she is awesome at knowing what I want to do, what I do well, and just what my academic voice is overall- even when I have no idea what that is myself, and so now I am ready to bang out this dissertation (my prospectus/proposal is due the 18th)! So thanks Carol Mavor for being a great advisor (I have been without one of those for quite some time now)

4) This Picture:

I sure do miss Halloween in Durham- this is a pic of my friend Stace and his friend Lynwood at their Halloween party dressed as different Queen Elizabeths- how awesome is this?

5) Not Really a Lieblings so Much as a Point of Interest (Grant defends today)


Today is this guy’s prospectus defense! Good luck Grant, soon you will be ABD like I already am.

(Don’t you love skype-view pictures?  Whenever I talk to Grant I make him let me spend a few minutes with Gracie:

He’s an excellent conversationalist.)

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