Monday Lieblings (on a Monday!)

My dissertation might just be starting to shape itself…..maybe, perhaps, possibly.  I’m afraid to talk to my advisor about it though, because I don’t want to have to  change directions again.  Anyway- Monday Lieblings – there haven’t been a lot of photos of my goings-ons at Manchester because my camera is broken- which brings me to the first Lieblings and the number one item on my Christmas list this year:

1) The Polaroid Two

It does everything your average digital camera can do – but it also:

Prints out the pictures! On sticker paper! Wow.  I want this- mom and dad, I’m talking to you (hey, it can fit in a suitcase and then you would get to see what I’m up to more!)

2) My favorite undergraduate professor is in the news

but not for anything art history related, it’s about his collection of vintage ties.

You can read it here. Dr. Yonan, who I took classes with at SLU, is the primary reason (or at least the catalyst for) why I’m studying art history at all.  I took his architecture class for fun my first semester, and he wrote on my paper “Have you considered pursuing a degree in art history??” and so I considered it and did it and took many more wonderful classes with him- he really helped me along a great deal, and is also a primary reason why I went to UNC and started doing contemporary German art.  Anyway, this article made me think about him- he really was a snappy dresser- and it made me giggle.

3)  “The Honorable Daphne Guinness” Photoshoot for Vogue Italia by Steven Klein

This is from quite awhile ago, and I’ve been using various photos from this shoot as backgrounds on my computer for ages.  I heart Daphne Guinness, and this photo shoot is just cool.



4) This Video of Jodie Foster covering a Serge Gainsbourg/Brigitte Bardot camp classic with  some creepy dude, on a swing:

ahck, I hate it when embedding is disabled by request. Click here to watch it on youtube.

5) Chess Boxing

Yep, exactly what it sounds like: chess + boxing.


~ by gakather on October 19, 2009.

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